Too Many Things Thursday

So much going on. 

First, let’s talk about the field trip. 

It was actually a great day.  Usually field trips make me so anxiety ridden that I can’t enjoy myself.  I’m constantly worried about one of my kids getting hurt, falling into an animal den, or breaking a bone.  However, the kids were so awesome yesterday that it was really enjoyable.  I wish we had had more time to walk around the museum because there were so many cool things to look at….. including…

horseshoe crab 

A horseshoe crab pooping…


petting a de-scented skunk…


and picking out Thanksgiving dinner. 

It was nice to have my mom along for the ride!

It was a fun but tiring day.  Afterwards, this happened:

post trip beer

So now onto the actual three things Thursday.

1.  Dear world, Jessica Simpson FINALLY had her baby.  I swear she must have announced she was pregnant when she was one day along…. a 9lb 13oz baby is huuuuuuuuuuuge.  Looks like she might be getting that athlete daughter she said she didn’t want.

jessica simpson

I kind of hope she ends up playing college softball like I did… for two weeks.

2.  The big story on Today was about this freakish woman who takes her daughter to the tanning bed.

tanning bed freak

She says she didn’t. 

Look at that face.  Is that a face you can trust?

Her six year old daughter has definitely seen the bulbs of some tanning beds.


3.  The Kentucky Derby is this weekend!!!  It is seriously my favorite weekend each year.   Obviously since I named Derby after it.  (I’m trying to get the fave to get a dog to name Julep.. so any help on that would be appreciated.)

Right now, my pick is Alpha.  (When they give the horses their numbers my pick will be #4… it always is.)

Why alpha? 


My friends and I always joke that our bff is the alpha… so this is only fitting.  I reaaaally hope Alpha ends up being #4. 

Although if I’m just going by names…. I might want Hansen to win.

Ummmmmmmmmmm bop is a classic, for sure.


Who’s your horse this weekend?



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9 responses to “Too Many Things Thursday

  1. Maggie

    Sorry, but Union Rags is in the #4 position and Alpha is #11. Exacta Box?

  2. Kevin A.

    Just an old Angela Ct. neighbor saying hello! It has been pretty entertaining reading your posts on here and had to put my horse for the weekend out there…..Gemologist. Looks like your #4 is the second favorite, Union Rags. Keep up the great posts and tell your parents I said hello!

  3. Dru

    I can’t stop laughing at the tanning bed lady’s face. Look at that face.

    Also do you want to go to the OTB before my game Saturday? I will have a mint julep for breakfast with you

  4. Every year there is a big Derby bar crawl this weekend, and it is so fun! Can’t go cause of my half but I’m there in spirit 🙂

  5. I just saw that woman on today. What about all those Mom’s on “Toddler’s and Tiaras”, why aren’t they getting in trouble for that. Either way it is sick.

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