Teacher Appreciation Day

Today is the day you tell all the teachers you know how much you appreciate their hard work! 

You can say things like,

“Thanks for teaching my kid how to read!  “I completely understand that public schools are not free daycare.” “Thanks for spending so much time with my child and spending your own money to help educate them.” “You’ve been such an inspiration this year.”

I’ll take any of those. 

Do not tell a teacher,

“You make so much money.” “Teachers really shouldn’t get time off.  Ever.”  “Woah if you ever got a raise that would be ridiculous.”  “Teachers have such a cushy job…they babysit all day.”

Those would make me think you don’t actually appreciate teachers.  If you can’t say anything nice, please just don’t say it.  🙂

Over the years I’ve gotten quite a few interesting gifts as a teacher.  When I finished my student teaching (in a tiny little town in Indiana) the kids had wrapped up random stuff they had found at their houses… 56 year old books, Christmas pencils.. you name it.

My first year as a teacher, a parent walked in with this and told me, “I would have added a bottle of vodka but I wasn’t sure if that was okay.”


It was sufficiently awkward and my kids all thought it was cotton candy… so of course they wanted some.  Sorry, kids.

One year I got more Starbucks gift cards than I could count.  Those were the days.

A few years ago the fave got me this.

beers of the world

I don’t know what this is saying about me, but a parent got me cocktail mix and my boyfriend got me beers.  People sure do know the way to my heart.   I’ll take food or drink.

Yesterday, for instance, we received:

teacher appreciation day 1

And that smoothie was delicious.  Thank goodness yesterday was one of my double workout days.

(That’s still happening, shockingly.) 

Monday I started off the day with a 3 mile run.  My knees were a little sore from the 7 miles on Sunday, but after I got started I didn’t notice any pain.  After shoving that cookie down my gullet at school, I headed to the gym for yet another workout.  I did the elliptical on a higher resistance than usual for a half an hour and lifted arms for about 20 minutes.  Not great, but not terrible. 

In 24 news, don’t worry, Jack Bauer saved the day again.  The United States is safe from fake attacks. 

Now what am I going to watch?  Need suggestions please.

Happy Teacher Day!


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  1. ebarry@agacgfm.org

    Without my mother and public school education I wouldn’t be where I am today…that may be a good thing or a bad thing but thank God our country provides free education to all..where would we be without the doctors, nurses, policemen, social workers, mechanics, air condition repairmen (I’m in AZ right now) if we didn’t have teachers teaching the reading, writing and arithmetic! Love Mom P.S. Your kids are lucky to have you Kathleen!

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