Three Things Thursday

1.  Poor Meow the cat died this week of lung failure due to his/her obesity.


Derby and I had a nice, long sit down about why I regulate her food intake.  Otherwise… she’d end up just like Meow.  39lbs and in kitty heaven. 


2.  Here’s just about the dumbest murderer ever.   

Back in December, Jamal Clemens was drunk on ‘black gin” and was all cracked up when he decided he need some money.  Long story short, robbery went wrong and Clemens ‘snapped’ so he shot a couple of guys, then stole a car with a 2 year old in it. 

He eventually got caught and confessed to the murders only after

“After police brought him a meal from Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, Clemons gave a detailed account of how he fatally shot” the two victims. 

lees famous

“If you take a person life, man, the Bible say your life should be took.  Eye for a eye. Tooth for a tooth. That was in the beginning. Know what I’m saying?”  — Clemens

Spoken by a true criminal.

But really…Lee’s is delicious.


3.  The fave got me more beers to show me how much he appreciates my hard work everyday. 

teacher appreciation beers

From my kids I got passing scores on a fake SOL test, so that’s something, right?



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4 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. allison

    Haha! I had a similar chit chat with Mabel after I heard about poor Meow’s passing. I’m pretty sure she ignored me.

    • I bought a new automatic feeder for Derby. I’ll have to talk about it soon… it’s working way better than the last one, buuuuuut it’s a little more work for me. Boo.

  2. OMG that cat!!! My boyfriend’s old roommate had a cat named Boris who had to be put on a diet bc he was pushing 25+ pounds. He lost weight but now his stomach drags on the floor from all the loose skin. Super funny and super gross at the same time!

    You put it best. What a dumb criminal. Wow!

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