Gearing up for a championship season

Woah.  It’s been a week. 

You know, one of those weeks where you just radiate stress everywhere you go?  That was me this week.  I didn’t sleep and I ate a ton of sugar (halfway not my fault though…someone brings you a cupcake and you’re going to eat it). 

I am so glad it is finally Friday…and that I have absolutely nothing I have to do this weekend. 

Memorable events of the week:

1.  This week I signed up our team for the summer kickball season.  You all may call me Captain from this point on…. Cappy, when I’m old.

Dicken Cider. (Our super classy team name.)

This is yet another sport where I have little skill…

08.09.11 RCSSC Summer Kickball Semifinals - 118.jpg

   08.09.11 RCSSC Summer Kickball Semifinals - 119.jpg

In this picture I actually caught the ball… Thanks photog for capturing my awesomeness.  And serious facial expression.  And in the second one it kind of looks like a lazy eye.

And that tan.  Man, I miss being tan. 

Dicken Cider is going for a championship this year… we were not pleased with our 3rd place non-trophy last year.  If you’re not first, you’re worst, that’s what I always say. 


2.  My kids made it through two more fake tests annnnnd I bribed them with full sized candy bars of their choice.. whatever works.   Next week the real thing starts so I’m hoping if I can motivate them with sugar now, I can definitely motivate them with sugar later.


3.  We had taco salad for dinner.  Again.

taco salad

(Yep, used the picture before.  Salads never change.)


4.  There used to be a fly bugging the shit out of me in my apartment.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd now there’s not.  Thank you, candle.


5.  I realized I do not know how to eat an ice cream sandwich without making an enormous mess.



6.  I got this in my inbox.  Hello, Mr. President.

obama michelle


Do you play any sports as an adult?

Kickball is by far my favorite sport… beer in hand innings are way more fun than getting pummeled by dodgeballs. 



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9 responses to “Gearing up for a championship season

  1. Kerry

    I hate to tell you but if your team is playing on Thursdays you won’t be the champions this season!!! I believe that my team will be the victor this time around. May the best win!! I also think that beer in hand is the best way to play and I am super pumped!!

    • Team name? I’d love to play you all 🙂 And, I bullied Sarah and Garrett to join Dicken Cider too… 🙂

      • Kerry

        My team’s name is Hit it and Bounce. We requested to play on Thursdays but you know how that goes with River City. What days are you guys playing?

  2. Those Laughing Cow ice cream sandwiches get all over my hands too. I’ve played on soccer leagues. I’m not very good.

  3. So cool that you have a picture with the first lady. I love me some Michelle Obama. I am jealous!!

    No team adult sports for this girl. Way too uncoordinated.

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