5 weeks left

It’s a big week. 

It’s finally SOL time.  FINALLY.  Let’s get ‘er done, kids. 

My weekend of freedom went by way too quickly.  I just don’t get how the weekends seem to fly by and I don’t have a chance to actually de-stress. 

Friday night after making a delicious shrimp packet  on the grill, I met some friends out for a birthday celebration since they finally made it to my side of town 🙂  Happy birthday, Lauren!



What did I learn from celebrating?  Well, I’m definitely not 22 anymore.  Just a few drinks will kick me on my a$$ for half the next day.  I cannot ever take shots.  Not even girly sweet ones.  Just say no, Kath. 

When I finally stopped wanting to throw my stomach out the window on Saturday, the fave and I walked down to the Strawberry Street Festival at the cute elementary school in our neighborhood. 

There was not one, but three huge bounce houses including this enormous shark slide thing. 

strawberry st festival

There was Hawaiian ice (which I forgot to take a picture of, but the blue raspberry was delicious), there was  a rock climbing wall, funnel cakes, vendors and a million kids.  It was pretty adorable, and definitely the place where any child within a mile radius wanted to be. 

We ended up walking a few miles to grab lunch, so that counted as the big workout for the day. 

Saturday night I had an epic fail in cooking.

pizza fail

I tried to make a margherita pizza with Trader Joe’s crust….. buuuuuuuuuuuuuut the crust was disgusting and ruined the entire pizza.  SO sad.  The cheese/ tomato/ basil combo tasted great, but the crust didn’t taste fresh or cooked, even though it was in the oven for way longer than the directions called. 


Sunday morning I finally had a great run.  I haven’t had many of those lately, so it was really nice to finally feel like I am actually a runner.

I ran 4 miles outside in the million degree weather before heading to the gym with the fave and running 5 miles in the secret women’s gym.  The first four were in about 35 minutes and the last five were in 42 minutes, so total:  9 miles in 75 minutes. Not too shabby for a Sunday… and it feels good to start the week on a healthy note.

Continuing with the healthy theme, we did NOT order pizza Sunday night…but eating pesto and basil stuffed chicken and salad didn’t disappoint. 

Derby and I snuggled a bunch to celebrate Mother’s Day because technically, I’m the only one she’s got. 


mothers day

How was your weekend?  Did you celebrate Mother’s Day by doing anything special?


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  1. Lauren

    I finally made it on the blog:)

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