Not much going on.

It was an uneventful Monday. 

Work, gym, leftovers for dinner, couch, bed.

I wasn’t feeling very well after school, but I headed to the gym anyway to try and force my body to get better.  I ran a S-L-O-W and painful five miles.  (Funny how 9 yesterday seemed so easy and 5 today seemed like it could possibly kill me.)  I could not get myself in the groove, so after my run, I did a few minutes of abs before heading out.  I’m still not feeling great, which isn’t good since tomorrow is the last day before our first SOL.

I swear, I’ll stop talking about them soon.  They’re engulfing my life right now unfortunately.

I need some hobbies. 

1.  Hobby #1:  Watch The Bachelorette


I usually don’t watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but in order to be able to talk to humans or bloggers, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and try and watch this season (PiC, this is where you jump in and start watching too).  There was mention on almost every blog I read today, so I guess to be ‘in the know’ I need to watch more trash.  Perfect.


2.  Hobby #2:  Learn to cook risotto that would make Gordon Ramsay not want to kill me.

gordon ramsay

No one can ever seem to get the stupid risotto right on all of his shows.  Or scallops.  I want to perfect my risotto so I can impress people with fancy cooking.  Plus, I just love risotto of any kind so I’ll also get some carb-a-licious dinners out of it too.


3.  Hobby #3:  Start a garden. 


Last time I tried my hand at gardening I got one edible tomato.  And that’s it.  It did not go very well.  I’ve already killed one basil plant this year, so it’s not looking good Pam.


4.  Hobby #4:  Take up golf.


I took a golf ‘class’ in college.  Basically it was me waking up at 8:00 am with a bunch of frat guys heading out to the golf course for a college credit.  (Sallie Mae really won that one, didn’t she?)  I did pretty much NOTHING.  If I wasn’t taking an enormous divot out of the ground, I was lying on the ground with a sprite to ease my headaches.  8:00 am seemed terribly early then. 

I took a golf class a few years ago with some woman named Nina (pronounced like Gina, from 40 year old virgin).  I did not learn anything.  I did buy a golf glove though, so boo yah I’m ready.


5.  Hobby #5:  Join the Quidditch team here in Richmond


Believe it or not, both VCU AND University of Richmond have quidditch teams.  There’s also a rec team at the community center. 

Harry Potter lovers, rejoice.  Here’s your chance to be the snitch.  And get the girl, obviously.


Looks like I’m going to be pretty busy with all my new hobbies.  Is there anything else I forgot?


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