Why can’t weekends be one day longer?

I think I’d feel much better about life if I had just one more day to get things done on the weekends.   Or relax.


4 weeks of school left!

3 SOL’s left (SS this Tuesday)

2 weeks until Lexington visit

1 more year in the books


The weekend, as usual, went by way too quickly.  It was a busy weekend, but I feel like I didn’t get anything done.  One thing I did do is sleep nearly 11 hours on Friday night and 10 hours Saturday night.  Total win.  Almost makes up for the lack of sleep I seem to be getting during the week.

Saturday morning I talked the fave into heading to the local Farmer’s Market (you know- let’s be domestic and do ‘Saturday things).  What typically would be a ten minute drive turned into at least 45 because of road closures, accidents and freeway entrances.  So, by the time we got there the market was wrapping up (oh, and we didn’t have time to stop for cash so we had about $11 between the two of us) so we got some homemade breakfast burritos (there goes $10) and called it a morning.  I doubt a dollar would have gotten us anything… perhaps a radish. 

The rest of the day was spent running errands and spending some quality time at the gym. 

I’ve decided that when I look into the mirror at my butt I do not like what I see.  I’ve always had a bubble butt… buuuuuuuut lately it seems like gravity has finally taken over.  I thought I might be able to get to 30 without it happening, but no dice.  Apparently running a million miles does nothing to keeping cellulite off your backside either, so Saturday after some cardio I did a few leg machines plus 30 backwards lunges per leg and 30 squats to work those muscles that never get attention.  I am still hurting.  Still.hurting. 


Sunday’s workout was much like last week’s workout- 4 miles outside before heading to the gym and completing 5 more miles.  My legs were killing from the five seconds of lunges I did the day before so I felt like I was moving fairly slowly, but my miles were all about 8:30 min/miles.  My goal for my last mile was to run faster than all the others (not just to go fast but to be finished) so I managed a 7:00 min/mile for the 9th.  Total- 9 miles in about 74 minutes. 

After the run my stomach decided to disconnect itself from my body for about an hour, but whatever.   I’m getting used to it I guess.

When I was able to eat I was starving for the rest of the afternoon.  I snacked on everything from carrots to cabbage to cereal to chocolate milk (all c’s!)…and I wasn’t full.  Unfortunately the fave put the kibosh on my favorite pizza for dinner so I was trying my hardest to stay healthy and not eat a million calories while catching up on trashy Bravo shows. 

Typical Sunday night. 

Did you have a productive weekend?

We had planned on going to Riverrock downtown but it never happened.  After errands and cleaning and all the adult stuff that I spent the day doing, I couldn’t get off the couch.  You’d think 11 hours of sleep the night before would fix that… buuuuuuuuut no.


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  1. Maggie

    Lexington visit?

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