Time for #2

Welp, it’s finally time for our second SOL…. Social Studies.

(Yes, it totally makes sense that 8 year olds need to know the details of Ancient Mali, Rome, and Greece, as well as the exploration of the St. Lawrence River in Canada…)

I want to thank my SOL Secret Santa for this gem and for making my morning.  Venti nonfat misto here I come.

So far you’re two for two on some of my favorite things.  And I love you.  Again.  Sorry if it’s starting to get weird up in here.


Anywho, Monday was pretty uneventful as usual.   Review is my new middle name.  Kathleen Review instead of Kathleen Ruth.  Pretty nice ring to it.   We reviewed all.day.long.  It was super fun asking the same questions in different wordings a million times.

I headed to the gym (still sore from the lunges 2 days ago) and basically forced my body through five miles.  I did 2.5 miles downstairs before heading upstairs to the secret gym to do another 2.5.  I needed a change of scenery to motivate to finish… and since it was half raining half one million percent humidity outside, treadmill won.  5 miles in 43 minutes = check Monday’s workout off the list.

Guess what we found in the door frame this weekend?


Don’t worry, that was on the INSIDE of the glass door….so basically every time the actual front door was open, bees were just chillin in the house. 

Brave fave took a spatula and Raid (sorry to all the ‘go green’ people who read the blog… I’m scared of bees…stop judging, I understand how important they are to the environment) and went to town.  Unfortunately, the bees must have built up a tolerance to Raid ant killer, and they weren’t budging.  Even after we got rid of the hive, they stuck around to enjoy the view. 

It kind of reminded me of My Girl and poor little Kevin MacCallister’s character. Sad.  😦

Annnnnnnnnnd yesterday there was still one lonely bee waiting to say hello on the door frame.

They don’t ever want to leave.  Ever.  I need suggestions and help.


How can I get rid of bees without getting stung?

Does a change of scenery ever help your workouts? 


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