______ Things Thursday

1.  You know how much I love license plates in Virginia… well, yesterday when I was license plate stalking on my way to work, I saw…



Hawaii!   Not a great plate, but I mean, it’s here all the way from Hawaii…what do you expect?


2.  Speaking of cars, Tuesday morning on the way home from the gym I spotted this sweet little gesture.



I guess we can look at this one of two ways:

A.  Someone was just being sweet and got his girlfriend flowers, her favorite drink and a nice card telling her how amazing she is and put it all on her car so when she goes to work she has something to smile about….or

B.  Someone really messed up and was trying to make up for it with Gatorade and carnations.  Not going to work if that’s the case.


3.  Speaking of the gym, Tuesday morning I woke up way earlier than normal and headed to body pump with Dru, my bff and the only person in my life who makes me lift weights, ever.   Before body pump I ran a quick mile to get warmed up and headed into the room with a million other 20- 30 something women.  All in lululemon.  Having a fashion show. 

My Old Navy tank did nothing for them.

And body pump did nothing for me, or so I thought… until I woke up Wednesday and could barely move my legs.  So many squats = sore quads/ hammies/ any other leg muscle for days.  

Wednesday when I tried to run it was painful.  I did 6 miles total (2 in the am and 4 in the pm) and felt like I was dragging a$$, which is probably true.


4.  My PiC just got some sweet new running shoes (Mizunos… bright pink…amazing),  and me being the jealous type decided I need some new ones as well.  Unfortunately I’m being stubborn and waiting for Memorial Day sales to snatch up a new pair.

gel kayanos 18

This didn’t stop me from dreaming all about my new shoes… for real.  I had at least 2 different dreams about really awesome new running shoes. 

I am so boring.


5.  Yesterday I got a 114 point word in Words with Friends. 

I’m pretty sure that’s the best I’ve ever done.  I wish I could share with you my joy…again, boring.  I know.


How often do you buy new running shoes?

My last 5 pairs have been exactly the same… soooooo I want to change it up and get a fun color this time.  What do you think of the purple?


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One response to “______ Things Thursday

  1. Laura

    I LOVE Body Pump. 🙂 However, I do it in my basement. No Lulus down there.

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