Awkward Reality TV

Well.  It’s official.  I’m jealous. 

My teacher friends in Lexington are officially DONE.

I still have 3 days of SOLs and 3 weeks with the hooligans. 



The one good thing is that it’s Friday of a 3 day weekend…yes please! 



Except I won’t be at the beach boo.  At least I won’t be at work.


Yesterday was my rest day for the week- I’m getting better at actually taking them lately- and I soaked it up.  My ankle has been bothering me a little bit lately (that ‘it needs to pop’ feeling but never will) so it felt great to just kick back and relax and not do anything. 

That being said, of course I woke up early.  Of course.  But, me trying to take care of my body, I decided to just lie in bed and do nothing.  And then watch a Modern Family. 

This morning I woke up to some loud thumping upstairs (have I ever mentioned how much I hate apartments?) so after cursing for 30 minutes, I got up and headed to the gym.  I forced myself through 6.5 miles, and they seemed like they dragged on forever, even though it really only took me a little over 56 minutes.  It feels good to get that out of the way for the day!

So, right now as I’m writing this I’m watching The Bachelorette from Monday. 

And I’m getting embarrassed.  Ugh, poor Ryan having to dance with her on a stage in front of a bunch of weird strangers while a band is playing for you. 

ryan emily dancing 

I would hate this.  SO much. 

Dear anyone, please never ever ever make me do this. 

Anyway.  In other reality TV news, does anyone else think Teresa on Housewives of NJ is kind of a huge dumbass (more this year than others)?


Way to teach your kid that she has all the power, Teresa.  Now, she’s always going to be right and any adult is going to be wrong.  And she is going to throw tantrums and become the biggest brat ever. 


What is your favorite guilty pleasure reality TV show? 

I have too many to list. 

Housewives, Teen Mom (yep, not ashamed), Bethany…


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