I love long weekends.

Pretty soon, my life will be one long weekend.

14 days.

3 weeks.

2 SOLs.

1 week until Lexington!


I hope you had a fun and relaxing long weekend (if you were lucky enough to get Monday off).  Thanks to all of those members of the military and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice to America. 

My weekend was spent in the nation’s capital… except not really.  The fave and I drove up to Alexandria to stay at my mom’s condo for a free-cation.  We drove up Saturday morning and spent an hour or so at the pool… zero clouds + hot weather = paradise. 


Oh yeah…plus that scary looking goldfish that I named Gert after the one we had in college.  That’s actually kind of what Gert looked like..except she had some sort of growth on her head.  It made her look angry, too.

Saturday afternoon I surprised the fave with massages (best gf ever award) at a cute little spa in Old Town which were amazing.  I felt so relaxed and content that I fell asleep for a couple of minutes.  There may or may not have been drool.   My masseuse did something with the muscles in my hip/butt area and I’m still so sore… good sore, but sore.

That night we went to Rays the Steaks to have dinner with some of the fave’s friends.  Being the non food blogger that I am, I didn’t take any pictures.  My steak was amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing.  I had the filet with some sort of mushroom sauce that was delicious.  My only complaint was that the walk in section of the restaurant was like the red headed stepchild of the actual restaurant.  However, it was completely worth it to get a fantastic steak dinner that didn’t cost an entire paycheck. 

Sunday morning we sat outside and had coffee and pretended we were somewhere tropical.

morning coffee


It was exhausting watching that poor man pick up all those tennis balls three times.  It almost made me not want to workout… except then we did, and it was semi terrible.  The gym at the condo consists of 2 twenty year old treadmills (with built in walkman holders) and 1 twenty five year old bike.  After 20 minutes of running (but feeling like it had been 120), we headed upstairs to do a deck of cards workout that included crunches, pushups, triceps dips, and lunges.   My arms were on fire and I never realized how weak I actually am until we got three big numbers in a row for dips. 

I rewarded myself with a few hours at the pool reading and sipping on blue mountains.  Don’t worry, I slathered on a ton of sunscreen because in the fave’s words, “You don’t want to look like an old bag when you’re 40.”  True story.

pool reading

We originally had gone up to Alexandria for a flight lesson for the fave that I had gotten him for Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately it got cancelled due to scheduling conflicts (oh, and it was perfectly beautiful outside too so I’m not bitter), so instead we headed back to Old Town for some shopping and happy hour beers and live music.


I spy with my little eye a VCU art student.  Can’t get away from them!

You know what they say…you can take the art student out of VCU but you can’t take the weird out of the art student.  Bandmates really must like their skinny jeans.  On a 90 degree 100% humidity day.  The thought makes me cringe.

We also spied many, many, many motorcyclists… including this poor woman who had to resort to riding in a sidecar.


I tried to get a better picture but then they saw me and it got awkward. 

After a couple of beers and takeout pizza, I crashed.  I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, and I slept like a rock for at least 9 hours (might be a new record during SOL time). 

Yesterday after getting home, I struggled through a 7 mile run.  I don’t know if it was the 1,000 lunges I did yesterday or if I was dehydrated or if it was because my butt was still sore from the massage, but I do know that it was a bit of a struggle.    The past few weeks I’ve been averaging 30 miles/ week so I’m trying to stick to that (or close to it) for now.  I’d really like to run in some races, but there are only 5k’s in the near future around Richmond.  Does anyone know of any other good races?


How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?


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