My favorite

license plate. 

duke sks


This person must be a UK fan.  Or a UNC.  It doesn’t really matter to me at this point.  I love this license plate.


Enough about my lame obsession. 

Tuesday was rough.  It was especially rough because I wanted to make it my 2 a day for the week.  I got up early and did a painful 2 mile run in the rainforest that has taken over Richmond.  Hello, humidity.  It felt like I was breathing in a gallon of individual water droplets every breath.  I reaaaaaaaaaaallly hope this isn’t any indication of what is to come with summer weather, because if it is, I will never run outside.  Anyway, I got home and did alternating crunches (50) and pushups (10) five times each.  Quick and effective and sweaty. 

After school I headed to the gym to do more running, which was terrible as well.  I had a 4 mile run where I was looking at the clock every second…. I wasn’t comfortable and my legs were not cooperating.  So, I just got through it by thinking of the taco salad that was going to be dinner.  I did another 15 minutes of abs, and called it a day.

And came home and ate taco salad.

The fave and I spent most of the night being sedentary on the couch… him playing on his ipad and me counting down the hours until summer break.  13 days = approximately 84 hours.   I keep dreaming of pool days and it’s helping. 

Plus, only 3 days until I’ll be in Lexington!!! 

Are you into college basketball?  Do you love Duke or hate Duke?


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