I am so tired.

2 weeks. 

1 SOL.



The last few days have been ridiculously busy and I am ready for a nap so long I’d miss the rest of the school year. 


Last Thursday and Friday my kids had their reading SOL test.  It was so long that the state had to split it up into two days worth of testing… makes perfect sense for 8 year olds to spend 10+ hours taking a reading test, right?  Way to go board of education, you made some kids cry last week.

They did really well and my PiC and I were pleasantly surprised with the outcome, but by the end of each day I was ready to drop kick some test writers.  I also was so mentally exhausted from watching them test that I crashed on the couch pretty much immediately after school.

Friday afternoon the fave and I headed out on an 8 hour drive to Kentucky for a wedding. 

ky drive

It was a rough drive with the tornado warnings and flash monsoons and almost running out of gas.  By the time we made it to my parents it was nearly 11 and I was dead. 

Unfortunately my body likes to do this thing where I don’t sleep in ever, so after about 6 hours of sleep Friday night I was awake and ready to go.

Saturday was a busy day of running errands for my mom and getting ready for an early afternoon wedding.  The wedding itself was beautiful, but if you’ve ever been to a full mass Catholic wedding, you know they can be L-O-N-G.  We were more than ready for cocktails after the ceremony was over. 

before mjhj wedding

The reception was at Keeneland Race Course and had beautiful views of the track.

keeneland 2

It made me miss Kentucky. 

michael wedding

candy table

Hello candy bar!

More than a few glasses of wine later, everyone ended up at the bar aaaaaaaaaaaand I may have eaten my face off in pizza and breadsticks after.



Between the pizza, the drinks, the cake and candy, Sunday’s 8 hour drive home to Richmond was miserable.  I fell asleep for one minute increments like 15 times.  Poor fave drove the whole way and didn’t even complain…yet another reason why I love him.


I am not ready for this week.  Four days of math review (yuck) and one 50 question math SOL.

Shoot me.


How was your weekend?



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4 responses to “I am so tired.

  1. My weekend was good! I did my 100k bike ride and crashed at 8:15pm 🙂 That’s the life! I love your orange dress!

  2. oh crap. i have to attend a catholic wedding on the 16th. how long should i be preparing myself for here?!??!?!?!?

  3. Michelle - your personal RIC marathon counselor :o)

    get ready for the math test of the century. painful didn’t even begin to describe it…

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