Three Things Thursday

1.  “Reality is in your mind.”

–Says this article promoting diet glasses.  Yep, diet glasses. 

diet glasses 

The virtual reality head piece manipulates the way food appears.  A regular sized oreo will look twice as large,  therefore tricking the brain into eating less than normal.  Or, you can use the scent tool on the head piece that tricks you into thinking broccoli smells like spaghetti instead, so you eat more broccoli and less actual spaghetti. 

I don’t know about you, but once you put said oreo in your mouth, aren’t you going to know that it’s not humongous or that the broccoli isn’t really spaghetti?

I should also mention that this study was done in Tokyo, a place where people don’t walk around morbidly obese (like they do in America). 



2.  I am a huge Teen Mom fan.  I know it’s lame and ridiculous, but I love it.  I’m really sad that this is going to be the last season of the origials, but I guess it’s time for me to move on.

Anyway, Amber has always fascinated me.  Maybe because she lives in Indiana (and I went to college in Indiana and lived in Indy for a few years after), or maybe it’s because she seems to literally have no idea she is crazy.  Either way, Amber recently went back for court for a drug arrest a couple of years ago.  Since she didn’t complete her rehab sentence and because she told the judge that she’d always be a bad girl, she asked to go back to prison. 


Way to make everyone around you proud, Amber.

Amber Portwood Prison


3.  It’s officially Birthday Week in my life.  For some reason, a lot of important people in my life decided to all be born in a week.  It’s really hard for me to remember who’s on what day.. so here it goes.

Happy Birthday Kelly!! June 5!

image Sorry I’m trying to hump you.

Happy Birthday Dru!!  June 7

DSCN0981 There were so many great ones to choose from.  This wasn’t my first choice.

Happy Birthday Lauren!! June 10

lauren napaYou’re lucky I don’t have a terrible picture of us.  

Happy Birthday Robin!! June 10

image Cool dickies.

Happy Birthday Maggie!!  June 13


We are fun.  Fun at a bar.


Also happy birthday today to this girl!

If I forgot you, so sue me.  It’s a rough week remembering birthdays.  There are quite a few more I didn’t mention so happy birthday to you friends too! xoxo


What do you think about diet glasses?  Can broccoli actually smell and taste like spaghetti? 


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  1. I’m not sure I believe those glasses, nor would I want to be caught them while dining out which is when I usually indulge.

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