The day is finally here.  My kids get to take their last (and easily, the hardest) SOL today.  If you’re not a teacher, this means nothing to you… but if you are, you are probably celebrating with me.  By tonight, hopefully before 6:00pm, my kids will be done.  

Staying late is a definite…as apparently this test cannot be finished within one school day.  What’s the most sad part  (besides the kids working terribly hard for more than 8 hours) is that I’ll probably miss happy hour at my favorite bar because I’ll be arriving too late for all the specials.  Ridiculous, actually.


To catch you up, the last few days were pretty busy.  Wednesday after school I headed to the gym to do a speed run, which I haven’t done in for-ev-er. 

1 mile warm  up at 6.8

6- 800’s at 8.0, 400 recovery at 7.0

1 mile cool down at 7.0

Total- 6.5 miles

I completely forgot how sore my legs get after a speed run.  I came home and foam rolled (which I hardly ever do) for a bit in hopes that I would be able to walk on Thursday.

Unfortunately, Thursday morning I headed to the gym with Dru to run a couple of miles before going to body pump.  Again, one million lunges and squats don’t help when trying to get your leggies back to normal.  So, all day yesterday I walked around like a duck.

Last night (after a quick afternoon nap…drool may have puddled on my pillow), I headed to a fairly new race called the Corporate 4-miler.  I think this is the third or fourth year for the race, but the whole idea is that you sign up with people from your company and get a tent and run/walk together. 


Most of the big companies from Richmond had big tents, tons of food and lots of racers and spectators. 

We had 8.

corporate 4 miler *Minus 2 from our team*

We also didn’t have a tent, but there’s always next year.

corporate festival

It was a fun race overall.  I ran it with my PiC, and you’d think we’d be sick of each other from being together in the classroom all day long, but somehow we talked the entire race, keeping about an 8:30 pace.  Not too shabby for the second workout of the day for both of us. 

I was rewarded with beer.

corporate beer

The race was well stocked and had a ton of volunteers for such a short race.  At the end they gave out trail mix, cliff bars and bananas- yes please.  Oh, and a free beer… duh.


And on that note, happy Friday. 


This weekend I plan on doing a lot of sleeping and a lot of pool time.


Any fun plans this weekend?

It could be a triple crown year… don’t forget about Belmont!


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