Last week of school!!!

I am like a little kid right now.  It is my last week of school… at least for a few months!

Five more busy days of cleaning, field day, packing, games, cleaning, packing…and I’ll be done.  My grades are in and my report cards are finished… so hopefully this will go by quickly. 

On Friday we had our last SOL.  Thank you, God.  It was a really long, really rough, really frustrating day… but my PiC and I got out of there before 5:00 with happy hearts and headed to my favorite happy hour spot to beat the 6:00 price increase.

Three beers and a lot of talking and summer planning later, the fave (who decided to join us with the PiC’s hub) and I headed home to eat dinner and crash.  I am pretty sure I was asleep by 9:15…and I got almost 10 glorious hours of sleep.  It was incredible. 


This weekend consisted of two days of nearly the exact same thing.

1.  Wake up after sleeping at least 9 hours.

2.  Lazy breakfast time.

3.  Gym time.

4.  Pool time.

5.  Dinner time.

6.  Bed time. 



Saturday I ended up running a quick 7 miles, which felt pretty good after taking Friday off to rest my legs.  The last two miles I completed in under 15 minutes, which felt great.  It was harder to keep up the pace, but my legs and lungs felt awesome, which doesn’t happen often as of late.

Sunday I completed 40 minutes on the elliptical after running the mile to the gym.  I did a bunch of ab stuff  (because apparently I have grown some cute love handles in the past few weeks) before walking the mile home with the fave.

Both days we spent a few hours at the pool, melting in the 90* heat and million degree humidity. 


It was completely relaxing and completely necessary after the sleepless week, and I soaked up every second.

Happy last Monday of school!!!


Did you have a busy or relaxing weekend?




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