Headache, Headache Go Away

Yesterday was a stress headache kind of day.

stress headache

First though, I woke up feeling awesome.. for a Monday at least.  It seems as though the long nights of sleep and laziness by the pool did me a world of good. 


I had a slow but fun 3 mile run before work- and shockingly, the weather was amazing.  Had I known it wasn’t going to be a rainforest out, I would have tried to get in a little more mileage.  That would have been the smart thing seeing as after work I had the worst headache ever and could only bust out 3.5 miles before almost puking up my lunch and calling it a day. 


Now getting to the headache part. 

If you’re a teacher, you probably can agree with me that the last week of school could possibly be one of the most stressful weeks of the year.  

If you’re not… you might wonder, why?  Isn’t this the easiest week ever?  NO.

  • You have to keep the kids busy for 7 hours a day, even when they know they’re not being graded on anything they do.  So, “This is stupid” is heard often.
  • You also need to keep the kids from killing each other during their periods of free time—remember—schedules always work.  Without a set schedule, you may observe smacking, ‘accidental tripping’, and knees in the groins.  (All three within an hour should win you some sort of award.)
  • You have to pack up your entire classroom… including everything in the cabinets, drawers, and desk.  Why?  Because the classroom is ‘cleaned’ in the summer.  The only time all year.  Good luck finding boxes.
  • All the kids want to do is be anywhere but school… and they let you know it.  Often.
  • There may be tantrums.  And screaming.  And crying.  And that’s awesome.
  • Sometimes you don’t get a resource time, which means you’re never, ever, ever allowed to leave your classroom to go to the bathroom.  EVER.  And that’s fair.  It’s even more fair when it’s your special time of the month. 

I know I’m just bitching about stupid stuff right now… I get it.  But next time you’re in charge of 20 kids for the last week of school and don’t get a headache… let me know.

Four more days. Four more days.


Anyone else have a stress headache yesterday?   


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