TGI Wednesday

Today is the last full day with the kids!

It’s also field day.  Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss.  Best day ever!

I made it through Tuesday without a headache, partly because of this.


Fievel.   A classic…although none of the kids had actually ever heard of Fievel and said things like, “I think my grandma has that movie!”  which made me feel old.  In their defense some of them have grandmas that aren’t much older than me. 

After a busy day at school I was having one of those “I’m disgusting” days, so I forced myself to run 8 miles.  It wasn’t terrible.  I still had that fat feeling after the gym, but at least I ran off the icing of the cake I had eaten yesterday. 

Plus, it gave me more ammunition to eat this.

cafecaturra cheese plate

And drink this.

cafecaturra wine


Wine, cheese, some sort of meat, and bread… now if that isn’t a well balanced meal…

Dru and I went to Cafe Caturra for dinner to celebrate Dru’s birthday, but we ended up drinking wine, eating cheese and talking for hours.


What was your favorite part about field day at school??

At my old school the kids always did this boxcar race, where they made cars out of cardboard boxes and raced, which was super cute.

boxcar     Sorry, gotta protect those cuties identities 🙂


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One response to “TGI Wednesday

  1. Dru

    Thanks for an awesome birthday celebration!!!!!! I had so much fun with you :).
    Can’t wait til school is out and we can play by the pool.
    Love you! Have a great day!

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