Three Things Thursday1.

1.  Today’s Living Social deal for Richmond is “Toenail Fungus Treatment”.

Club West Med Spa

Hmmm.  Now, I’m not spending $300 to clean my toenails, but I get that some people might need to clean their own…however, I think whoever does marketing for the MedSpa that is offering this deal kind of sucks at his job.  Couldn’t he have come up with something better or less “toenail-fungus-y”?

Also the joke at the end… ‘you’ll get toe-tal satisfaction..’ isn’t clever enough to make me buy this deal.


2.  For all you Whopper lovers, Burger King has come up with some new menu items  that are sure to get your cholesterol racing.  I give you…

The Bacon Sundae

burger king bacon sundae

Vanilla soft serve with fudge and caramel, topped with crumbled bacon bits and one large “thick cut hardwood smoked bacon” strip.    Sweet and salty meet and fall in love.

The Texas-Style Whopper’/ The Carolina-Style Whopper

burger king regional bbq sandwiches

Whoppers with BBQ sauce and bacon.  And jalapenos. 

Who’s in?  Bacon sundae anyone?


3.  Geico, you’re great.


Are you going to try the bacon sundae??


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