Summer Day 1

Monday’s workout:  5 mile run, 25 minutes on elliptical, ab workout

The run was uneventful.  I ran the mile to and from the gym, and three miles on the ol treadmill.  My legs felt great today and I wasn’t originally planning on running more than the miles to/ from the gym, but I felt good so I kept going for a little longer.  I still hate the elliptical but I managed 25 minutes without my feet falling asleep, so I’ll call it a win.

Yesterday morning I slept in… okay I slept until 7, but I laid in bed until 8 snuggling with Derby. 


She loves when I take pictures with a flash right in her face.  L-O-V-E-S  it.

After my workout I came home to make lunch- a different concept for me since I usually just throw whatever I can find into my bag on the way out each morning.

I ended up making a boring salad, but in the process I found the ugly carrot! (My life is SO exciting.)

ugly carrot

You know, like in Bridesmaids when Annie finds the ugly carrot?


According to cutie Chris O’Dowd, the ugly carrot is the lucky carrot. 

I’m still waiting on that luck to happen…

The rest of my first day of summer was being lazy.  I did run 2 errands on my list just so I felt productive for leaving the house, buuuuuuuuut other than that, Bravo and I had a fine day of relaxing.

Today’s goals are:  Pump class, lunch with Dru, kickball game… eek.  Busy day.


Do you ever get the ugly carrot? 

What’s your favorite scene in Bridesmaids?

Mine is definitely when Kristin Wiig is driving trying to get Rhodes’ attention.  The poop in the street scene is a close second…. and it’s not first mainly because it’s a ‘been there’ type of feeling, and it might just be my worst nightmare.







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7 responses to “Summer Day 1

  1. Dru

    My fav scene is when Megan steals all the puppies and is cruising down the street in her creeper minivan.

    Missed you this morning. For sentimental reasons, and because the girl in your place wore her hair down, and spilled coffee on the floor. Yes, you heard me. She brought a mug of coffee to body pump.

    • I know the coffee girl. She always brings it…so weird.
      Speaking of spilling coffee though, this morning I spilled the entire pot when the lid came off as I was pouring. F-ing coffee maker 🙂
      I’m going to the 930 class this morning so I’ll let you know if the instructor is good xo

      • Michelle

        If you’re doing pump at WL then it’s Kris and you’ll like her. She’s not even a teeny bit annoying and doesn’t check herself out ever. Win and Win!

        PIC and I did a tough 4 this am and I was a sweaty freak after. Are you planning to run Richmond again this year?

  2. Evie

    The poop scene is definitely my favorite…okay so we are all immature! Love Mom

  3. No ugly carrot YET, but hella kinda lookin forward to it!!! Oh and definitely the infamous bridal dress bathroom scene LMAO I about died laffin’! ;).

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