Dead Ball

Tuesday’s workout:  3 mile run, body pump class with my PiC,  hours working on a secret project for the fave (total body workout… not in a dirty way, but in a real way)

Yesterday summer came.  I know today is officially the first day of summer, but holy crap all the sudden Richmond is hot and humid and nothing at all like the beautiful Sunday morning weather I had  for my run.  So, I took it indoors before heading to pump class with my PiC.   It started at 9:30, so I figured, “Hey, most people work, this will be an empty!”, but I was wrong.  It was packed- waaaaaaaaaaaay more packed than any early pump class I’ve gone to so far.  We were all like tiny sardines shoved in a hot, tin can.  The instructor  and music were different too, and I liked the switch from my normal class. 

I realized, again, I always overestimate my strength.  Also something new- I have the weakest shoulders ever.  I don’t know what it is about shoulder exercises but I always feel like I might die during them. 

I also stalked the woman standing in front of me.  She was like 60 and was definitely lifting more than me on some exercises, and she had…

body pump ky

Yep, that’s a Kentucky towel.  The entire time I wished I had worn a Kentucky shirt just so I could talk to her about how awesome Kentucky basketball will be this year.  Oh and how awesome they were last year.

Unfortunately, the PiC gave me one of those looks that seemed to say, “Stop being a creep you weirdo” so I refrained.


Last night, after working on a super secret project for the fave for all hours during the afternoon, I headed to kickball.  Adult kickball really is the best.  Seriously.  So fun.

Some of us (me) suck at kicking.  They always tell me to kick with the laces but I can never seem to get it right. 

However, we do not suck at drinking beers, so it makes for a fun night.  It is especially fun when we win (which we always do… okay, now I’m just tooting Dicken Cider’s horn just a tiny bit), but it is even more fun when this happens.

dead ball

Dead ball.  An actual dead ball. 

This is a first for us, in three years of playing together, this has never, ever happened.  It’s a kickball miracle, and will obviously come with us when we win the belt. 

Close win last night, but it’s a W, so who cares?

**Side note:  I’d like to congratulate Dru (and Molloy and Matt, but mostly Dru) for a home run last week.  I’m sincerely sorry it was not on the blog last week, but you are amazing.  I wish my super cool cleats could do the same, although as of late  I’ll settle for a base kick.


Do you play in any adult sports leagues?

Kickball is by faaaaaaaaar my favorite.



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5 responses to “Dead Ball

  1. Dude! I did bodypump yesterday too!!!!! I was in a later class though. As a result of this new venture, I think it’s quite possible that my arms could fall off. I tried bodystep there after, and quickly realized I was going to kill myself as I am heavily armed w a lack of sheer coordination, so I cut and ran 😉 Tell your PiC I say hello!

    • I really am so sore today it is not even funny. I had to wake up and stretch in the middle of the night I was so sore.
      Bodystep? Good for you for trying… I trip and fall walking so trying anything that has to be in sync with music or anyone else is beyond my capabilities.
      Will do! 🙂

      • yeah, me too. was it your first time in there, or am i the only one who popped her bodypump cherry? hey it sounds like YOU have the same set of coordination skilz! kudos!

  2. AH I’m trying body pump today and I’m scared! I took the class once like a million years ago and dont remember any of it so I’m nervous. And ridiculous.

    Adult kickball sounds like a really good time!

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