Three Things Thursday

1.  Wednesday’s Workout:  3 mile run aka 3 mile melt, 35 minutes on the elliptical

I hadn’t planned on working out yesterday because I was SO SORE ( I even  had to wake up in the middle of the night to stretch my body) from body pump and working on the fave’s secret surprise.  But, I thought maybe if I did something / anything that involved moving it would loosen my muscles and I’d end up feeling better.  It wasn’t terrible, although I felt like my legs were lead balls the entire time.

What was actually terrible was the run home from the gym… holy baby cheeses it was hot outside.  Not only hot, but humid like no other.   Is it ever going to be nice outside again?




2.  Is it me or could they be related?


On the left:  George Zimmerman’s embezzling wife.

On the right:  Teen mom extraordinaire and drug addict and spouse abuser, Amber.



3.  I found something I’d like for my one year blogiversary   on July 19, hint hint hint anyone.


This is the iphone 4 ‘intoxicase’.  Beer opener, phone protector…what more could you ever need?  Maybe that Corona too.


**Side note:   I’d also need someone to get me an iphone 4.  Or iphone 4s. 


Does anyone live in a cool (meaning both cold and awesome) place I could come visit them while the humidity rages on in Richmond?


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