I’ve been busy.

This past weekend I headed to Connecticut for the fave’s nephew’s christening.  We got back Monday afternoon, headed to kickball, and crashed.

Needless to say, I’m tired.  Traveling makes me stressed and irritable and sleepy.

Luckily, the weather was gorgeous, the christening went off without a hitch, and although it was a very busy and fast weekend, we had fun with the fave’s family.

darien gma

darien boat

Oh, and I got my first iced coffee of the year. 

iced coffee

Anyway, like I mentioned last week, I spent most of the week working on a secret project for the fave, who was at training for work all week in Michigan. 

I decided that since his office was “the pit where everything that doesn’t have a home seems to end up” it needed a little facelift.  I’m sparing you (and him) of the before pictures, mainly because I didn’t take any good ones but also because it was a bit embarrassing.

Here are the after:

office 1q

office 2

office 3  

office 4            office 5

What I did:

  • Painted the walls a light blue (Dewdrop- Valspar from Lowes)— They were an old peachy pink color.
  • Hung pictures, including a bunch of old (like 1940’s) 3×5 postcards of Richmond landmarks that my dad found at a garage sale a long time ago.  They’re beautiful little drawings of the monuments, U of R, and famous older buildings around town.
  • Hung a new ceiling fan- Okay, I didn’t actually do the hanging (thank God for Dru and Toast), but I picked out and purchased a new one.  I also drank margs and provided moral support while it was being hung.  This was a feat in itself- 100 year old homes are not wired to use modern fans, so it took for-ev-er.
  • Bought  new rug (looooooooove Garden Ridge!), which I thought the fave would find too busy, but he ended up really liking it a lot.
  • Rearranged all the furniture—Next up is a new desk, but that’s out of my teacher budget. 

It was definitely a four day project, the biggest part being the painting (which I decided I hated about 20 minutes in) and changing the ceiling fan. 

Whew.  I’m tired just thinking about all the work it took to get the office presentable.  I also am shocked I was able to keep a secret from the fave for almost a week.  I am like a talking bird when it comes to surprises… I caaaaaaaaaannot keep them. 


Anyway, last night Dicken Cider had it’s fourth kickball game of the season, which resulted in our fourth win.  It was a close game, but we pulled through.

I was supposed to mention that I had to jump the chain link fence in the ghetto to get a foul ball four different times, but unfortunately I’m not sure how to make that funny.  I hooked a foot and hopped on over, no biggie coming from a girl who climbed many a chain link fences in her heyday… thanks, mom and dad for never getting rid of that sucker.  Otherwise Dicken Cider might have been in a bad spot last night.

chain link fence

There you go.  Funny.


How much do you love (or hate) painting? 

I always think I love painting… and then I start painting, remember why I hate it, and it ends up being a terrible experience.  Every.time.


Is anyone else a product of a home with chain link fences?



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4 responses to “I’ve been busy.

  1. I hate painting as well. Dread it in fact. Your project room came out great! Our office could use the same facelift. I was definitely a chain linker growing up.

  2. The fave is lucky! You did a really great job!

    Never really painted. For some reason people dont trust me around tools or paint. Rude.

    And no chain link fences here either but trust me, I’ve busted my booty trying to climb over other types of fences. I never learn!

    • Thanks! He really liked the surprise….and has actually started using that desk. Score!

      Painting sucks. You are lucky no one allows you around it… it’s a job I always imagine will be fun, but then ends up just making me sore and pissy. 🙂

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