Hello, ER

Workouts this week:

Sunday:  Drink beer, boat, hold baby

Monday: 6 miles, fence jumping

Tuesday: 5 miles outside in amazingly comfortable weather, strength with my personal trainer, Jillian Michaels

I had planned on going to a body pump class yesterday afternoon (remember, I’m trying to get muscles this summer… plus, my PiC and I have an incentive program for classes at the gym…. 2x/week for 3 weeks = beach day!), but instead, I spent the majority of my day in this place.


Retreat Hospital’s Emergency Room.   Thanks for being so close…like, a block away close.

The fave got sick after kickball Monday night, and spent the evening in pure misery..so unfortunately an ER visit was necessary yesterday.  Anyway, after spending about 4 hours listening to machines beeping and getting some painkillers for one non life threatening illness, we headed home where I played nursemaid.

Nursemaids make chicken noodle soup, right?

chicken noodle

Not my picture, but you get the point.  Homemade soup, lots of rest and water and a couple of episodes of Hell’s Kitchen make for a lazy evening.

Speaking of Hell’s Kitchen, does anyone watch?

I couldn’t find a clip of her speaking, but seriously, wtf is wrong with Robyn when she speaks?  Her entire mouth changes shape when she’s complaining about everyone else… it’s the strangest thing.  And she’s so mean… just a mean girl. 

robyn hells kitchen

A mean girl who happens to like shaving her head and wearing two very different earrings and hating every other person on the show… but still a mean girl.  She probably would not have fit in with this crowd.

mean girls 2

I still could watch this movie every single day and laugh the entire time.  I don’t know if that makes me cool or pathetic… but I’m going with the latter.

Do you love or hate the above movie?

L.O.V.E.  I think it’s obvious.

Any interesting stories about being in the ER?

One time when I went to the ER with Dru for another non-life threatening injury, we listened to a drunk homeless woman try and get prescription painkillers out of the doctors.  Her reasoning behind why she should get drugs literally made me laugh for days thinking about it.


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One response to “Hello, ER

  1. terri

    robyn’s bottom mouth irks me when she speaks. it’s so weird how it moves.

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