Three Things Thursday Weight Loss Edition


1.  Look what cutting out 3lbs of butter per day can do to a person.

Paula Deen: How I Lost 30 Lbs. | Paula Deen

Hey, hottie! 

One of Paula’s tips to lose weight is to not have mashed taters at every meal… maybe a little baked fish or salad. 

Huh.  I think I’m going to try that.  Thanks, Paula!

Do you think Paula misses her daily butter dose?


2.  Speaking of weight loss, if you’ve been watching Real Housewives of New Jersey (those craaaaaaaaaaaazy yet entertaining bit**es), you know Lauren Manzo (she’s 24) has been struggling all season to lose weight.   She was on some weird egg white drink diet and some other restrictive food diets, but didn’t seem to lose any weight.  The fact that her family basically made fun of her every time she ate probably didn’t help, but that’s for another post.

Anyway, apparently Lauren got the lap band surgery (her dad has had it done as well), which is basically silicone that is placed around the stomach to make it smaller.  It’s not as invasive as gastric bypass, but it’s still surgery.  She’s lost about 30 lbs so far, and looks great, but I guess I’m wondering- would you have the lap band surgery if you were needing to lose just 30-40 lbs?

lauren manzo lap band


3.  Lastly, lately I’ve been watching episodes of The Weight of the Nation on my Kindle Fire (it’s free under TV extras, btw), and the stats are incredibly amazing and depressing. 

Nearly 70% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese today and something like 20% of kids are obese (not just overweight). 

It’s honestly one of the most heartbreaking and informative shows I’ve ever seen. 

Adults need to be getting 150 minutes of exercise per week, while kids should be getting 60 minutes of exercise per DAY.

(The average kid is watching/ playing 7.5 hours of media per day….) 

The consequences that come along with being overweight are severe- kidney disease, diabetes, heart problems including heard disease and high blood pressure.. the list goes on. 

It’s astounding to me that some people don’t even realize that they’re doing themselves a disservice by drinking 3 sweet iced teas per day (hello 230 calories each!), or sodas (suuuuuuuugar high), or feasting on fast food nearly everyday. 

Do you watch what you eat?  Are you aware of your calorie intake and output?



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6 responses to “Three Things Thursday Weight Loss Edition

  1. Michelle

    Amen Sista! I’m disgusted on a daily basis by the unhealthy eating habits of my kiddos. It makes me sad, angry, and frustrated that people can be so ignorant with their health and moreover, are setting up their children for a lifetime of struggles. The really irritating part is that when you try to model and teach the kiddos, they respond really well (mine come in and say “hey Miss W, I brought carrots today for snack”) but then it’s the parents who don’t support it (hello, do we have to have cupcakes prizes for EVERY little contest in school? how about 30 minutes of kickball?!?!). I love that your school is trying to do more with motivating kids to be active and eat right. I want to go work for Jaime Oliver and put the smack down on school cafes! That’s another soap box for another day….
    I started tracking my food intake a number of years ago. When you start writing down what you eat, boy do you get an eye-opening experience! I’m certainly not a slave to my food journal but when I’ve had a crappy run, that little bugger can be very enlightening. Hmm…plate of cheese fries plus beer = bad run!!

    • I know, right?! The kids eat SO badly, but it’s kind of like they don’t even have any clue that they’re consuming so much food. I just watch my kids eat when we go on field trips and stuff- the pure amount of food they bring is more than I eat in an entire day. Plus all they do when they go home is play video games, which obviously doesn’t help anything.
      I am so excited for our grant next year- I think it will be so eye opening for the families!
      And yes, I’m sticking to myfitnesspal for the time being. You’re right- It’s interesting to look back and see what might have made you feel slow/ gross/ etc during your workout. It’s also really helpful to me to see how much protein/ fiber I’m getting each day!

      • Michelle

        Why do parents pack lunches for Andre the Giant?!? And no, the kids haven’t a clue, but then again, neither do their parents. Case in point, I’m in Old Navy last night and a woman behind me is browsing the junk aisle (while her kid ISN”T asking for anything!) when she says “hey here be them Dora chocolate things, the kind you put in milk to make it taste good. you know how he love him some milk. and it be good for him. healthy. here, you can have these.” Then she hands him 3 packs. Nice.
        The running grant? PiC was telling me a bit about it. I’m super jealous that you guys do fitness clubs and things like that with your kids. We try but no one is willing to give 60 minutes of personal time to go play games with kids. So much for promoting education in schools!
        And my mom used to lock us out of the house too… :o)

  2. Evie

    Yes I watch what I eat when I put it in my mouth. Love Mom
    P.S. But you are right – kids just don’t know how to play outside anymore – You and Kevin were outside all the time (did I lock the doors so you couldn’t come in?) and I think that has made you healthier adults today.

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