Body Step Misstep

Let’s play a little catch up.


Someone… his nickname starts with an f and ends with an –ave… gave me his terrible fever, even after I’d been so nice to him all day Tuesday and made him homemade soup.  I was basically the best girlfriend ever, and in return I got a fever.

So Wednesday was an unexpected off day.  And bed day.  And do absolutely nothing day. 

It was actually pretty miserable, unfortunately.  It hurt to put anything on my body- clothes, blankets, you name it.  I also barely ate anything (hey new strategy for weight loss!) all day, so I was weak and whiny and cranky. 

bridesmaids poo




Guess who had to work yesterday?  This girl. 

Luckily (I guess) my fever was gone so I headed into school for our summer school planning day.  Super fun. 

Every year I ask myself… is this worth my time?  IS IT?  And every year I keep coming back because I neeeeeeeeeeed money. 

kristin wiig help me im poor

You and me both, Annie.

After work I headed to the gym.  I think people overuse the phrase “epic fail” so I’d rather not use it in this instance, but I believe it’s necessary.

It was an epic fail.

First, it literally took all of my energy and power to run three measly miles.  I could barely breathe, my legs felt like enormous tons of lead.

bridesmaids log leg

Then, I had already talked my PiC into going to a Body Step Express class.  Um.   From my past experiences of tripping, falling, spraining my ankle, etc, I should have known that a class that consists solely of jumping on and around a box with weird hand motions would not be for me.

bridesmaidsd sober

The class is only 45 minutes long.  I made it 15 minutes before I gave PiC the look.

bridesmaids look

And then we left.  30 minutes early.  Like enormous losers.

bridesmaids kids

As we left, we decided that there must be some sort of secret society where all the body step people learn the moves… because we were the ooooonly ones that didn’t know what we were doing. 

And now I know I never will be doing another Body Step class.  Ever.

The end.

bridesmaids teeth



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6 responses to “Body Step Misstep

  1. Ugh. So embarrassing. Those jerks definitely practice at home.

  2. TOLD U BOUT THAT DAMN BODYSTEP!!!! Don’t call it quitting though, call it proactively thinking 😉

  3. Bekah

    I hated that Bodystep Class too!!!!! Someone actually fell in the class i was in!!

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