I’m a human again!

Last Thursday, after my Body Step fail, I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and enjoying summer. 

Until I got food poisoning.

Or something.   Something (there won’t be taco salad for a looooooooong time) that made me wish I were dying instead of whatever was happening that left my body empty from all angles and orifices. 

Needless to say, after barely eating on Wednesday due to a fever, pretending to be normal Thursday but  then tossing my cookies all night Thursday and Friday, and hardly eating anything on Saturday… it feels good to be back.

It really sucks not eating. 

Funny Confession Ecard: Rather than go on a diet, I'm hoping to get some sort of horrible stomach ailment.


Yesterday I still felt weak, but I was finally feeling up to the challenge of the elliptical, my worst enemy. 

The fave and I headed to the gym where I forced myself through 35 shockingly tough minutes on the stupid machine.  Then, I ran a slow, slow, slow mile before deciding all my energy was gone and it was time to do abs and get the hell out of there. 

It was a pitiful workout. 

But I got back to the gym and it felt good to be moving again blah blah blah.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to regain some of my strength that seemed to leave my body after a few short days and get back into running more miles. 

Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to run another marathon in the fall, and if I do…. it’s about time to start training again.  Sooooooo that’s kind of a big decision on my plate. 


How was your weekend?   Were you more active than me?

I’m pretty sure anyone who didn’t lie in bed, read two books and watch a ton of TV was more active.  


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