Okay, not really.  Not even a little bit.  There aren’t even names under the picture.   We’ll get to that in a minute.

Yesterday was the first day I actually felt like a real person again.

My workout consisted of running 5 and 2 miles (before and after body pump) for a total of 7 miles and a pump class.  I felt pretty weak for the first run, but assume it’s just because I’m still getting my energy back.   Pump class was, coincidentally, with the same instructor that we walked out on last week, and there were times when it seemed like she was looking right.at.me. 

Judging.  And yelling.  And Judging. 

She was a drill sergeant… and I’m not sure it motivated me to work harder or motivated me to definitely try not to make eye contact, but it was pretty scary.   At one point I actually thought that if I stopped in the middle of the set  (since my shoulders were falling off, obviously) she might drop her bar, march over, and make me do something embarrassing in front of everyone.  I don’t know. 

In ‘I’m now famous, but not really’ news…

Buuuuuuuuuuuut, remember that 4 miler I ran a few weeks ago with work friends?   PiC and I made the Innsbrook Today Magazine…. hand delivered to over 12,000 homes. 

innsbrook today  And even though our numbers can clearly be seen, we didn’t get our names in the paper.  Lazy writing if you ask me.


I only wish we had been holding hands, but there’s always next time.

That was a bit** of a hill, by the way. 

Sooooooooooooo there will be a signed copy in our school office, that’s for sure.   Everyone will be so impressed!


Do you get a little nervous you’re going to get called out during classes at the gym?

Most definitely, yes.   Once, at my old gym, it really felt like the instructor had it out for me because she kept just talking to me about how I was doing everything wrong.  I mean, I understand her wanting to help, but pointing out everything I was doing wrong was a bit much.



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4 responses to “Famous!

  1. Sarah

    Yessss! Rock stars!!!

  2. Which golds and which instructor so I can avoid her! 🙂

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