Back to blonde!

It’s onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnly Wednesday.   Ugh.

Tuesday’s workout: 3.5 mile run while watching 16 & Pregnant:  Where are they now? (mostly in jail) and 30 mindless minutes on the elliptical. 

So yesterday I went to get my hair highlighted.  For the second time in a week. 

Back story:  I’d been going to the same girl for a few years now and I LOVE her.  I love her so much that I almost cried when I found out she didn’t work at my place anymore and they wouldn’t tell me where she went.  I contemplated calling all of the other salons in the area to see if I could find her I love her that much. 

Except I don’t know her last name. 

And according to Google there are 42 salons within a mile of my house (and my salon). 

Soooooooo that could prove to be a waste of time. 

I did a bunch (read= a creepy amount) of detective work/ stalking to try and find her but no dice.  I even looked up her mom’s school (where she used to work) to find last names of teachers to try and find her on Facebook. 

I know, this is getting slightly ridiculous.  And I didn’t even find her.


Back to the current story:  Last week I went to the same salon I typically go to but to a new girl.  She’s reeeeally nice but she didn’t do a fantastic job on highlighting my hair (the first time, at least). 

It didn’t even look like I had anything done, and I believe someone last weekend told me I looked like I had gotten the ombre look.

drew barrymore ombre

Nope.  I paid money for highlights. two days ago.  Hmm.

Sooooooooo I went back today and got them done for real.  It finally looks like I have no roots and that I’m a natural blonde (at least for a couple of weeks until it grows out again). 


I’ve decided that I now like my new girl and since we are on the same page when it comes to blonde-ness, so I’ll be going back. 

But I miss Brittany. 

I’m pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, last night the fave had dinner with someone from work, so I was on my own.  I hate cooking just myself because sometimes it seems like a waste to make such a mess for one person.

So, I made this. 

trader joes macaroni

trader joes mac cals


The stats aren’t too bad, right?

Plus, it was soooooooooo good.  And, I tried to make it just slightly better with cucumber and tomatoes…

Have you ever tried TJ’s macaroni and cheese?

Any advice on finding my old hair stylist? 




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