Weekend Workouts and Helen’s

First, I want to say HAAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom!!!!!!!!! 

michaels wedding mom and i

I love you very much!!  Thanks for only calling me a b word once during my teenage years… I know I deserved it way more.  xoxox

Weekend workouts: 

Friday:  5 mile run; body pump class

You know of my silly fear of going to group classes by myself…well, Friday I headed into body pump, ALONE.  I know, it’s a real feat, Kath.  When I got there, my friend Leah was standing right in front of my station… so basically there goes my brave act for the day 🙂

Saturday:  6+ mile hike in Shenandoah National Park

Sunday:  6 mile run, abs, long stretching session

Sunday’s run was difficult because after a body pump on Friday and hiking for hours on Saturday, my muscles were s.o.r.e.   I kept it at an 8:40 pace until the last mile that I did at a 7:15 pace.  Basically I just wanted to get finished 🙂


Friday was a day off from summer school, and it was as grand as I could ever expect.  I got to sleep in, have breakfast with the fave, and watch the entire Today Show (yeah Zac Brown Band!). 

After a couple hours at the gym, I decided to treat myself to an iced coffee from Panera.  I had one last week and literally been thinking about how wonderful life would be if there was a Panera on my way to school every morning… so, I finally was satisfied. 

panera iced coffee So delicious.

Friday night the fave and I tried a restaurant we had never been to before- Helen’s.

helens outside

It’s just a block away, but there are so many restaurants around here that it just isn’t one I’ve ever walked into.  It’s been here forever (which is huge in these parts), so we decided to branch out and try something different.

Of course, I got my staple (can’t have too many branches in one day).

helens shrimp and grits
Amazing.  Completely different than the shrimp and grits I had
last week in Lexington, but delicious.  It was a lot spicier and more cajun-style, and those smoked gouda grits seriously made my night. 

The fave had some sort of stuffed and bacon wrapped chicken, which was also so good.  Although if you wrap bacon around anything it will taste better.

The rest of the weekend was spent hiking, eating, running from bears, and Bravo. 

Thank God for Bravo.

And thank God for big sticks and pocket knives. 

If you live in Richmond, have you been to Helens? 

Are you a hiker?

Not usually… but I’m trying to get into it 🙂


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