License Plate Wednesday

Tuesday’s Lame Workout: 3 mile run at 8:30 pace, 30 minutes on the elliptical, abs and stretching

I have some new candidates for the license plate book I’m publishing in the next five years.

Obviously, front cover:



This person loves Judy maybe even more than me.   There will definitely be a “Judy” section.


There will also be a pet section, specifically cats.   There seems to be an abundance of cat license plates.  Must be a weird cat lady thing (DURBEE is still available).

me yoww 


I think those are Beanie Baby cats in the window as well. 


Speaking of –4me’s, I’m not sure what’s hot about napping, but this guy thinks it’s hot. 

nap 4me

Maybe he’s saying it to his 2 year old…


Most definitely there will be a “I think I’m cooler than I actually am/ driver-car match” section (you know, like in People when you match the celeb to their feet or something).

no scrbs

 What do you want to bet the above driver’s last boyfriend was a ‘scrub’?


goor jus

The driver of the Rav4 was no Jennifer Aniston, that’s for sure.


Don’t worry, those aren’t the only sections of the book.  There’ll also be a God Squad section, a fitness section (you know, for that dude that likes bragging about working out or running a race), and a Marital Status section (I don’t know many MRS____ cars I’ve seen). 


What else should I add?  Have you seen any good license plates lately? 


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