Three Things Thursday

Wednesday’s workout:  7 miles at an 8:40 pace.  The first six miles felt great, but the last mile made me want to die.  If I wasn’t anal about stopping right on the mile or half mile, I wouldn’t have finished.    Luckily, I’m a freak so I made it to 7.

I also realized that 7 miles is my longest run in a looooong time… so I think it’s time to step it up a bit. 


1.  I love sidewalk chalk as much as the next elementary teacher, but my skills are limited to hearts and butterflies, and if I’m feeling risky, names in cursive. 

I’m pretty sure the following are slightly better.

sidewalk art

sidewalk art 2Can you believe those are done with chalk?

My questions is…What do they do if it rains?  It just ruined like 3 weeks worth of work. 



2.  This is hilarious. 

Woman uses story of cheating ex-husband to sell house. (KPTV)

Some woman in Oregon is winning right now. 

She recently divorced her husband when she (obviously) found out he was cheating on her with a 22 year old.  Now, their house has to sell soon or else it will go into foreclosure.

Her strategy:  Throw her cheating, scumbag, idiot ex-husband under the bus. 

Although what would really make it amazing- put a picture of the cute new couple on the sign as well.

The blog is hilarious, too!


3.   Yesterday I saw this.

bandaid car

A band-aid on a car. 

People around here sure are weird.



What do you think of the scorned wife’s idea of how to sell their home?


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  1. Who knows if it will help her sell it but it sure is going to get attention! I mean, I went to the website and I don’t even live there!

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