Quick Vacay in Cape Charles, Plus New Shoes!!!

Sunday’s workout:  7 mile run, 1 mile walk, 10 minutes bike, abs

It felt great to start the week with a 7 mile run that didn’t make me feel like dying.  The last couple of runs I’ve had really tried my confidence because they’ve been semi-terrible, but yesterday felt awesome.   I took Saturday off (the first real off-day in 2 weeks), and my legs (and knee, which has been bothering me lately) felt great the entire time. 

Maybe it was because I wore my new kicks.

gel kayano 18 kayano 18  purple shoes 2I ordered them on runningwarehouse.com last week.  They retail for $140, but RW had them on sale for $112, PLUS I used the coupon code runblog10 and got an extra 10% off, for a total of around $100! 

I love when I feel like I’m winning. 

Also, I got these cute pair of Brooks Podium Split Shorts.

brooks shorts I reaaaaaaaally like them because they’re cut really high and they don’t squeeze my thighs… which is always way more comfortable. 

I love my new shoes, especially since I’ve had the exact same shoe for the last 5 pairs I ordered!


Now back to the fun, non running nerd part of my weekend!

I headed out on Friday (after a one million percent miserable barely 4 mile run in the morning) with my PiC to Cape Charles, VA, which is about 2.5 hours from Richmond.   We were headed to one of her friend’s vacation homes for beach, sun, and beers.

The house is beautiful (I want that porch soooooooo badly).


We spent the day at the beach in matching (almost) green bathing suits.



It was fantastic.  Beautiful, warm water, and no jellyfish to sting my feet. 

It was a fun but short trip, not without a little people watching of course.

golf cart

I wish you could see it a bit better, but it’s a hot pink golf cart… male passenger has 2.5 pound dog sitting in lap. 


Have you gotten any new shoes lately?

Anyone ever been to Cape Charles, VA?


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