Tuesday’s workout:  5 mile run.   Nothing exciting about this run… 5 easy miles at an 8:40 pace.  My blister has run back into a dark hole because I had zero pain from skin breakage.  I’m hoping this means it’s never coming back, too.


1.  Yesterday was my last day of summer school, so to celebrate, my friend Kerry and I went to lunch at my favorite Mexican place.  Unlike all the good bloggers, I didn’t take any pictures.  However, it looked extremely similar to this.

And it was fantastic.  And I ate too many chips, per usual.  And when I left I could barely breathe I was so full… but that’s okay.  I only get to celebrate my last day of work twice a year, right?

2.  I continued my celebration (after a looooooooooooooong digestion period on the couch) with the fave, and had a couple of these


If you’ve never had Hardywood Singel I highly recommend it. 

3.  The most productive thing I did yesterday was join the online jewelry website Bauble Bar.  I’d seen something I wanted on the Today Show last week so I finally got around to online shopping. 

PERK- you sign up and they give you $10 off your first purchase (plus, everything is relatively inexpensive)

CON-  There are soooooooooooooooooo many necklaces/ bracelets/ everything I want.   This might be a bad idea if you’re trying to not spend money.


Too many choices for my skinny little wallet. Tooooooooo many!

Just another shopping website to infiltrate my email daily.  Way to go, Kathleen.


Today consists of a body pump (check it off the list!) class and some cardio to combat the mexican/beers from yesterday.  If all goes well, I might even tackle cleaning the bathroom.


Have you gotten anything off of Bauble Bar?  Any recommendations?

What’s your favorite meal at a Mexican restaurant?

Fajitas with beans and rice and guac and queso and tacos and salsa… I have too many favorites.



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3 responses to “Celebrateeeeeeeeee

  1. Kerry

    Wahoo, I made the blog!!

  2. Omg thanks for telling me about this website! One more thing to stalk everyday 🙂

    Fave Mexican meal? Anything that’s covered in cheese and guacamole. Bean burritos, quesadillas, chalupas, all of it! Yum!

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