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License Plate Wednesday

Tuesday’s Lame Workout: 3 mile run at 8:30 pace, 30 minutes on the elliptical, abs and stretching

I have some new candidates for the license plate book I’m publishing in the next five years.

Obviously, front cover:



This person loves Judy maybe even more than me.   There will definitely be a “Judy” section.


There will also be a pet section, specifically cats.   There seems to be an abundance of cat license plates.  Must be a weird cat lady thing (DURBEE is still available).

me yoww 


I think those are Beanie Baby cats in the window as well. 


Speaking of –4me’s, I’m not sure what’s hot about napping, but this guy thinks it’s hot. 

nap 4me

Maybe he’s saying it to his 2 year old…


Most definitely there will be a “I think I’m cooler than I actually am/ driver-car match” section (you know, like in People when you match the celeb to their feet or something).

no scrbs

 What do you want to bet the above driver’s last boyfriend was a ‘scrub’?


goor jus

The driver of the Rav4 was no Jennifer Aniston, that’s for sure.


Don’t worry, those aren’t the only sections of the book.  There’ll also be a God Squad section, a fitness section (you know, for that dude that likes bragging about working out or running a race), and a Marital Status section (I don’t know many MRS____ cars I’ve seen). 


What else should I add?  Have you seen any good license plates lately? 


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Hiking Big Run

Saturday morning I woke up and talked the fave into going hiking… something we have never done together. 

We don’t go hiking apart either, so this was one of those ‘something new’ things we could check off the list.

I’m not a hiker.  I had to call my best friend to find out about:

  • Where to hike around Richmond
  • Can I wear old running shoes and not hiking boots?
  • What clothes do I wear?
  • TICKS?????

Needless to say I’m sure she got off  the phone laughing at my idiotic questions.  However, the advice to wear long socks was key to not bringing home those pesky ticks. 

Dru directed us to the Shenandoah National Park and to find a trail. 

The fave and I decided we wanted to get a good workout, but not be hiking for 5+ hours (it was already 11:30 by the time we left Richmond, whoops), so we settled on Big Run, which is a 6 mile hike that takes about 2.5- 3 hours to complete and is a level 3 (out of 5) difficulty. 

By the time we drove got lunch, drove to the park, and got to the trail, it was already a little after 2pm.  Luckily, when you’re up that high the temperature drops a bit and it wasn’t too hot.

The beginning and end of the hike had awesome views.

big run 1 big run 2 big run 3 

The hike itself wasn’t terribly difficult.  The first couple of miles were mostly downhill, and it seemed like the last four were one long uphill battle. 

rob big run

The views on the hike were limited to the ground for me, as I nearly broke my ankle on a pinecone after an hour, of course. 

Annnnd in even more exciting/ scary/ I don’t know what to do but we have a pocketknife so stay away news, fave spotted a big ol’ brown bear about 2.5 miles in. 

It might have been the scariest 10 minutes I’ve experienced in a long time.  All we had was our backpack (full of food), a big stick, and a pocket knife (you know, for emergencies). 

Mr. Bear didn’t seem to want anything to do with us, but him being 50 yards away isn’t a comforting thought, especially when your turkey sammy is in your backpack wafting smells into the forest.  So we stood still, tried to look big, and didn’t take a breath for a few minutes.  

After that, I was literally hauling ass to get out of the forest.  Unfortunately our trail took us right back around where Mr. Bear was wandering, so it was kind of tense for a couple of miles.

We had planned to have lunch somewhere in the middle, but quite frankly, I just wanted to make sure we were safe from the bears, so lunch happened when we got finished at around 5:00pm.

kathleen big run (Nope, not playing soccer, just keeping the ticks at bay.)

When we decided to eat lunch/ early dinner, we had another little visitor.  Hello, Baby Bear.

baby bear

Needless to say, when we finally ate lunch I was done in about 1.2 minutes. 

It was a more stressful hike than I had originally planned.

Of course, we rewarded ourselves with something special… beer.

blue mountain brewery 1

blue mountain brewery 2

blue mountain 

Well deserved.

Ever been to Shenandoah National Forest?

Do you know how to handle bears in the woods?


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Weekend Workouts and Helen’s

First, I want to say HAAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom!!!!!!!!! 

michaels wedding mom and i

I love you very much!!  Thanks for only calling me a b word once during my teenage years… I know I deserved it way more.  xoxox

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Exercising your brain aka avoiding dementia.

Thursday’s Workout:  45 minutes on the elliptical, free weights

Thursday was supposed to be an off day, but since I was bored and it was kind of cloudy, I headed to the gym after summer school.  The only problem is, in the 12 minutes I allotted myself to get ready in the morning, I forgot to pack my ipod and kindle.  

The time on the elliptical was even more monotonous than normal. 

Better than going home and eating my fridge though, right?


When I did get home I did eat my fridge.   Then I proceeded to take a nice nap.

It was fantastic.


Yesterday, as I was trudging away on the stupid elliptical trying to make sure my feet didn’t fall asleep, I read this month’s Shape magazine. 

As if you didn’t know that exercising keeps you healthy, keeps the pounds from packing on, blah blah blah,  you may not know all the benefits exercising does for your brain.

  • As little as 30 minutes cycling can improve memory (gotta get back into that…).
  • When you maintain a moderate level of cardiovascular fitness you are less likely to die of dementia (score!).
  • 30 minutes of jogging can improve cognitive and comprehension skills (guess who’s students are running everyday next year?).
  • If you get moving for at least 2 hours a week you are (up to) 85% less likely to become depressed (and eat 17 cartons of ice cream in one sitting).
  • Just 40 minutes of vigorous activity a day for a few months can up your IQ (if you’re not already a genius, that is) by a few points.  Hey, there’s a big difference between a 75 and a 79 on that bell curve. 

Obviously I’m going to try and go for genius status in three months…


Anyone else out there hate the elliptical as much as I do?

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Three Things Thursday

Wednesday’s Workout: 6.5 mile speed run—1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down plus 6 x (800/400).  10k time 49:31!!!   Lots of stretching and foam rolling after. 

1.  I have a problem.  A sleeping problem.

My solution:  Costco pack of NyQuil.


It’s getting a little ridiculous how much I love this stuff.  When I can’t sleep, it’s NyQuil time.


2.  On the way to and from work everyday I go through a toll  booth.  It seems a bit ridiculous that it’s $0.70 each way, but whatever, I have an EZ pass so it’s basically like it’s free (until that sneaky little yellow light comes on). 

Well, there’s a lady in Texas who’s apparently decided she doesn’t have to pay the tolls like everyone else…and she owes


She’s sped through the toll booths 8,366 times and with all the penalties, etc, she owes nearly $180,000.00. 

Ummmmmmmmmmm good thinking lady.  You are so dumb. 

Although on the other side, why hasn’t this been caught sooner?  Good work, Texas Toll Authority.


3.  Someone does not like Kate Middleton.

Magazine Cover Reveals Kate Middleton

Those teeth are terrible.

Hopefully this will be a warning to her of what could happen if she stops brushing…


Do you have any non-addictive solutions to sleeping problems?  🙂

Have you ever ran tolls on purpose?


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Back to blonde!

It’s onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnly Wednesday.   Ugh.

Tuesday’s workout: 3.5 mile run while watching 16 & Pregnant:  Where are they now? (mostly in jail) and 30 mindless minutes on the elliptical. 

So yesterday I went to get my hair highlighted.  For the second time in a week. 

Back story:  I’d been going to the same girl for a few years now and I LOVE her.  I love her so much that I almost cried when I found out she didn’t work at my place anymore and they wouldn’t tell me where she went.  I contemplated calling all of the other salons in the area to see if I could find her I love her that much. 

Except I don’t know her last name. 

And according to Google there are 42 salons within a mile of my house (and my salon). 

Soooooooo that could prove to be a waste of time. 

I did a bunch (read= a creepy amount) of detective work/ stalking to try and find her but no dice.  I even looked up her mom’s school (where she used to work) to find last names of teachers to try and find her on Facebook. 

I know, this is getting slightly ridiculous.  And I didn’t even find her.


Back to the current story:  Last week I went to the same salon I typically go to but to a new girl.  She’s reeeeally nice but she didn’t do a fantastic job on highlighting my hair (the first time, at least). 

It didn’t even look like I had anything done, and I believe someone last weekend told me I looked like I had gotten the ombre look.

drew barrymore ombre

Nope.  I paid money for highlights. two days ago.  Hmm.

Sooooooooo I went back today and got them done for real.  It finally looks like I have no roots and that I’m a natural blonde (at least for a couple of weeks until it grows out again). 


I’ve decided that I now like my new girl and since we are on the same page when it comes to blonde-ness, so I’ll be going back. 

But I miss Brittany. 

I’m pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, last night the fave had dinner with someone from work, so I was on my own.  I hate cooking just myself because sometimes it seems like a waste to make such a mess for one person.

So, I made this. 

trader joes macaroni

trader joes mac cals


The stats aren’t too bad, right?

Plus, it was soooooooooo good.  And, I tried to make it just slightly better with cucumber and tomatoes…

Have you ever tried TJ’s macaroni and cheese?

Any advice on finding my old hair stylist? 



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Back to the Grind…

Kind of.

Monday’s workout: 6 mile run, 10 minutes bike, abs

Yesterday marked the start of summer school. 

Every summer I tell myself it’s totally worth the extra cash and every summer on the first day I ask myself why on earth I sign up for this…fun. 

summer school That kid is crazy.


I was just starting to learn to sleep in, but alas, now I’m back to getting up earlier than usual to go hang with a bunch of kiddies for a few weeks. 

Okay, okay, it’s not that bad. 

It’s only half days (when did four hours get so long?) and it’s only 15 kids (still seems like a lot though) and it’s only for 10 days (I’m job sharing), but it’s still a big X right through my summer vacation.

Although, since this is paying for an actual vacation, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Sunday night I barely slept- must have been the anticipation of the first day of school- so I treated myself to a nice nap in the afternoon.  The nap was great- what wasn’t great was trying to force myself to the gym after. 

I made it though, and while I was running I decided I needed a goal.  I’m not ready to commit to another marathon just yet (maybe later this summer I will be), but I’d like to start looking for half marathons in the next few months.

Do you know of any half marathons in or around Virginia in July or August?

It’s sometimes hard for me to keep up my running (especially running longer distances) when I don’t have a race on the horizon.  I’m such a mental runner that if I’m not in a competitive mind frame, I’m not going to put my best foot forward.


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