Long Run Rat’s Nest (and last chance to enter the giveaway!)

Thursday’s workout:  10 mile run, 1:31

I think the last time I ran 10 miles was in March, so I’m not going to lie… this was a difficult run.  My body isn’t used to doing that for so long anymore!  I felt slow and sluggish and not in shape.

I was up early to take the fave to the airport so I decided I might as well use a 5am wake up call to my advantage.  I started at around 6:15 and it was already 73* and humid.  I felt pretty good the first four miles and headed into the gym to knock three off on the treadmill in the air conditioning.  My last three miles home were tough.  My feet started to hurt and my knee was bothering me and I was HOT.  And sweaty.

At about mile 9, I remembered why I cut my hair shorter last summer when I started training for the marathon.  I’m pretty sure I gain about a pound and a half in sweaty hair during my longer runs. 


This is what a normal ponytail looks like.


This was my ponytail after my run.  This is after only ten miles. 

after 10after 10 2

It was not raining outside, fyi. 

It’s a good thing my conditioner works. 


Today’s the last day to enter the bicband giveaway!!

Am I the only one who has difficulty getting back into longer runs? 

How do you keep your hair from weighing you down?


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