Friday’s workout: 1 mile warm up, body pump class

I wasn’t very sore yesterday considering I had a difficult run on Thursday.  I tried to challenge myself a little in body pump by adding on more weight to a couple of the exercises, and still, those squats will get me every time.  Jump squats are the devil.


When I was little I wanted to be a gymnast sooooooooo badly…specifically, to be Dominique Moceanu in 8th grade.  I thought she was awesome and strong and talented and that just maybe if I tried hard enough I could be just as good.  Although at that point I am pretty sure I was done with tumbling.   My short stint in gymnastics went on the backburner when I started playing basketball in middle school… and that clearly got me far, so great choice on my parents part (I blame them).

Anyway, if you’ve looked at any sort of website in the last four days you know that the US did amazing this year in the Olympics (if winning gold isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is).   I was a huge nerd and got all teary when they won the gold like I was back in 8th grade again. 

My favorite is Gabby Douglas.  Gosh I just want to put her in my pocket.  

gabby douglas She is so cute and tiny and awesome at everything.

I saw this funny little parody yesterday and thought I’d share. 


Now— for the winners of the BICBands!  I used to pick the winners!

Striped- Nicole

Blue- Kara

Green-  Heather


Email me your address at ASAP!


What’s your favorite Olympic sport to watch?



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3 responses to “Iloveolympicgymnastics.

  1. Kara

    Me? I won!!!! I feel so special, I never win anything! None the less a BLUE sparkly Bic Band. …except for the shoe laces I won in 1992 for guessing the kids shoe size in in “Honey I Blew Up the Kids”, for some reason my mom didn’t want to make a special trip to go pick them up. Side note, maybe this year is the year for an extended Christmas vacation in KY? Baby Smothermon needs to celebrate with his Aunt Kathy (more than just Christmas, I love hearing all about events being planned, fyi).

  2. Nicole

    I actually won, wooohoo!!! Thanks!

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