Three Things Thursday

1.  Guess who lost 7 ounces over two years?!?!?!


This little boo bear!!  Go Derby!  We are now down to 15 lbs 4 oz!  It only took two years, two different automatic feeders, and a little crack down on the bag chewing…

Is it weird I feel really bad posting this picture of her on the Internet?  It’s just a bad angle guys, I swear she doesn’t look that big in real life.  I swear.  


2.  Raise your hand if you are going to watch the show, Married to Jonas?  Now slap yourself in the face. 

It’s the new reality show that follows Danielle and Kevin Jonas…no?

Okay, well basically it’s a Newlyweds (sigh) spinoff with the Jonas’.  Sounds interesting. 

Danielle says, “I just feel like this made us communicate more, and I think that’s important in our relationship and keeps it strong.”

Um.  Let’s take a little look back at all the marriages that reality TV have ‘helped’. 

I’m actually still sad about that one.

The following, not so much.


Bottom line:  Reality shows make your marriage last.  For-ev-er.


3. Speaking of TV, lately the fave and I have been getting into American Horror Story. 

I feel like a wimp when I watch this show. 

It is Scary, capital S.  I mean, is everyone dead?  Is the family dead?  Why can they see all the dead people?  I’m so confused and so scared and so entertained at the same time. 

I love it.

Speaking of dead cheerleader (see above), I really wish I could share with you my dead cheerleader Halloween costume in college.  Boy was I gross.  Everyone else went slutty… I went… dead.


Do you watch American Horror?  Do you love it as much as I do?

Any tricks to get Derbs a half a pound skinnier? Exercising is out of the question… and so is taking away more food.  Get creative.


Don’t forget…sweet giveaway going on!


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One response to “Three Things Thursday

  1. rozskoz

    Love this post. Ditka’s still fat. if you and i had a reality show – we would last FOREVER 🙂 Love you kitty!

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