Wine Weekend Fun

Friday’s workout:  5 mile run, body pump class

Saturday’s workout:  1 mile run, 30 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes bike… not feeling great today, but hit 36 miles for the week!

Sunday’s lame workout:  3 mile run before debauchery

Monday’s workout:  4 mile run, body pump class


So the weekend workouts aren’t very impressive.  I wasn’t feeling very good Saturday, so my cardio was cut short, and Sunday I had (had) to drink wine all day, so I barely managed 3 miles  before it was time to hop in the surprise limo and head to Charlottesville.

Sunday was my friend Toast’s (her actual name is Carrie, but she prefers to go by a slice of bread) 40th birthday, so as a surprise we headed to Charlottesville for wine, wine, wine!

It was a perfect surprise (planned by my bff Dru) and such a fun day. 

We went to three wineries I had never been to before- Delfosse, Pippin Hill, and Blenheim (Dave Matthew’s place).  Pippin Hill was by far my most favorite and the prettiest (in my opinion).  There was a wedding that night so everything was set up beautifully…and add to that perfect weather and wine, it makes for a good ambiance. 

(Thanks, Stacy, for letting me steal your pictures!)

It was a fun and delicious day.  And on Monday I felt like death had kicked me in the stomach, but I’m pretty sure that’s what girly wine trips are supposed to do.



Email me your address at and I’ll put your yummy stuff in the mail asap!


What’s your favorite winery to visit?

Have you ever been to Charlottesville or Napa?



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3 responses to “Wine Weekend Fun

  1. Got my Bic Band in the mail– thanks again!!

  2. Evie

    Napa is pretty but I think the Oregon wineries are most beautiful. And that is where I first learned about dessert wines so I am partial to OR. Love Mom

  3. rozskoz

    Love this! Wish i could’ve been there : (

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