Yes, I have a lazy eye.

Tuesday’s workout:  7 mile run… felt good buuuut I might be kicking myself this morning since I’m trying to get my long run in for this week today.  I’ve been doing a lot of icing after my longer runs lately…either my body is falling apart or I’m just being extra cautious.   I might even be becoming a hypochondriac…. that’s for another post though.


Yesterday I had to go to the eye doctor to finally get contacts.  I’ve been meaning to for a looooong time, but I hate touching my eyes so I usually just wear my glasses when I’m tired.  Unfortunately, my eyes seem to be getting worse, so since glasses 100% of the time isn’t an option, I just need to bite the bullet and get contacts. 

Or a contact.  Just one.

Before my eye exam, I had to answer some pretty tough questions.

lazy eye

Yes, I have high blood pressure, and yes, I have a lazy eye.

lazy eye(In my defense, it only gets lazy when I’m tired or not sober.  Guess which one that was in the above picture… as I’m trying to spell wow with my mouth.) 

I’m such a catch.

I ended up only needing one contact because apparently my right eye (the lazy one) is good, and my left eye sucks.  Not only am I basically blind, I also have a stigma and extra dry eyes.  So we’ll see how the one contact works out for me.

After all of that, my eyes were exhausted… so I came home and took a nap.  I can only do this for another few days, so I better get it in while I can!


Do you wear contacts or glasses?

Does anyone else in the world have a lazy eye?


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