Making long runs not awesome.

Wednesday’s workout:  13 mile run, a little over 2 hours

Well I’m glad that’s over, but unfortunately I didn’t hit my goal of 14 miles for the day.  I felt great the first 8 miles outside, but my stomach started acting up once I headed into the gym to finish on the treadmill.  And then my hips started hurting.  And my back.  And it was not comfortable. 

I started slower than usual and was running about 9:30/min miles and that pace actually felt pretty comfortable for the whole run.  The first mile was tough to get started (especially at 5:45 in the morning… ugh), but I started feeling pretty good and my legs, for the most part, felt great.  Once I hit the gym, though, my stomach started to hate me.  Not unusual with my longer runs.  Then it felt like everything else just flew out the window… and the last mile home was awful.  I think I looked like I’d been hit by a bus.

SO, there are a few things I learned today about preparing for a long run.

  • DO NOT run a hard 7 miles the day before.  I have much more enjoyable long runs when I take the previous day off.  And my legs don’t hate me.
  • SLEEP!  Even though I got in bed early, I tossed and turned all.night.long.  So I was more exhausted than usual….and may have only gotten 4ish hours of sleep.
  • DO try and go to the bathroom.  This might be a little TMI but it when you’re holding a few+ days worth of food/ wine/ cheese in your body, you feel gross.  And slow.  And your stomach plays funny little tricks on you.

I’m hoping this was just one of those runs that suck, and not an insight into future long runs… because if so my marathon training just got a lot easier (aka no full marathon).

Then I saw this quote and decided that this morning I wasn’t feeling it, I was being negative about it from the start, and maybe I just need to suck up some pain and go for it.

This morning it was-

“I didn’t sleep well.”

“I don’t feel like running.”

“My stomach/ back/ feet/ hips/ponytail hurts.

How do you talk yourself out of the negative thoughts when you’re just not feeling it?


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