PB2 Giveaway!

Friday’s workout- 5 mile run, 15 min bike, abs

Saturday’s workout- “body pump” aka an hour of class without music and doing random weight lifting moves; one million trips up and down the stairs to unload our belongings since the elevator (of course) was broken

Sunday’s workout- 10 minutes on the elliptical and 4 miles on the 1977 style treadmill in the ‘resort’ gym… I felt like I worked a million times harder than usual, and four miles was  more than enough to make my legs start to hurt.   At least I did something on vacation, right?


So this week marks my big one year blogging anniversary.  I’m celebrating by being on vacation, worshipping the sun gods, and trying to keep my mind clear of that thing that is called ‘work’, which starts next week.

So, you might have noticed I’m having yet another giveaway…and this one might be the best one yet!

I’ve been using PB2—powdered peanut butter—for the last couple of months and ILOVEIT.   We all know that peanut butter is amazing…buuuuuut it’s easy to overdo it.  I love putting peanut butter in my oatmeal, but then my breakfast ends up being just as many calories as my lunch and my snacks and my dinner combined. 

When my bff Dru told me about PB2, I was like, “Um what, Judo?  How have I never heard of this stuff?” 

What it is is powdered peanut butter- it comes in a jar like regular peanut butter, but you mix a couple of tablespoons of it with a tablespoon of water and voila!  You get peanut butter that is only 45 calories. 

Obviously I wanted some immediately…but it’s not sold everywhere yet and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Fail.

When I contacted them saying I wanted to do a giveaway because I needed to bribe people to read this thing, I’m pretty sure they felt bad for me because they immediately agreed AND sent me my own box full of goodies.

pb2 pack

It came with a jar of regular PB2, a jar of chocolate PB2 and 2 packs of PB thins- think tiny peanut butter cookies. 


There’s 45 calories in 2 tablespoons of the powder, plus 5grams of protein.  And, only a tiny bit of fat and sugar.  Obviously I immediately tried it out.


Yep.  Looks and tastes just like healthy peanut butter (I mean- I’ll be honest, it’s no Cookie Butter, but really, what matches that?), and you can make it as thick or thin as you want depending on how much water you add.

The tiny little cookies are delicious too.  They’re kind of addictive, so I had to hide them from myself after a few days.  


chips nutrition

I like the regular flavored PB2 better than the chocolate (mainly because I’m not normally a chocolate person anyway… I know, it’s sad).

I’ve used it in everything from oatmeal to english muffins to smoothies… and it never fails to impress. 

english muffin smoothie pb2

I think I might like it in smoothies the best, but I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately sooooooooooo that might be it. 

Anyway, one of you lucky ducky readers gets to win your own party pack of PB2!

To enter:

Tell me how you’d like to use PB2 in the comments.

Extra entry:

Blog, tweet, facebook, whatever about the giveaway and tell me!


Contest ends Friday and I’ll announce a winner next week!!



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29 responses to “PB2 Giveaway!

  1. Michelle

    So my friend always makes something I lovingly call “PJ mush” for our post-run breakfast. It’s Kashi Go Lean, PB, Almond milk, and banana (we add some ground flax too). Stir, head for 30-45 seconds, stir again and eat. Looks GROSS but tastes pretty yummy. PB2 could be a great sub to the real PB and I’m betting the milk would reconstitute it nicely. Hmm… either that or I can just eat by the spoonful and dip EVERYthing in it like I do with regular PB.
    I want to win!!

  2. I think I would use it in smoothies! And you are right, nothing is as delicious as cookie butter.

  3. I have always wanted to try this stuff! I have nowhere to get it besides online or in ATL (1.5 hours away)

  4. Jordan D

    I’d love to add it to my oatmeal or mix it into my greek yogurt!

  5. Jordan D

    I tweeted: https://twitter.com/j_mosh/status/237746952610119680
    Thanks for the great giveaway. I’m dying to try pb2, hope I win 🙂

  6. ashley

    I would love to make pb2 sauce I always read about on blogs and dip apples into it!

  7. Nicole

    In my oats and smoothies for sure!!

  8. pb cookies (though I see smoothies are a great idea!)

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  12. I didn’t see 1x limit on the extra entries so another tweet?

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  15. allison

    I’m pretty sure I have the best idea for using PB2…mix up a little bit and use it to stick Mabel’s mouth shut so she can’t chew on every paper or plastic she finds in my house, then eat the rest of it while enjoying quiet time. GREAT IDEA, huh???

  16. Missie

    I like the smoothie idea. I’d also try it in oatmeal.

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  20. How about pb avacado mousse pudding pie using choc flavor and cookies for a pb crust? And then extra pb drizzle on top along with crushed pretzels? Mmmm. Im making yself hungry!

  21. last/Friday tweet 🙂

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