Dear Rain, Go Away

Monday’s workout:   6 mile run, 15 minutes of various arm exercises

I started Monday out with a run outside…but unfortunately, it started pouring on me almost immediately.  So, after four miles (and soaking wet shoes) I headed to the 1977 gym to finish my run.  

On the plus side, the clouds force me to workout instead of being outside and burning my skin off and “turning into a leather bag”… as the fave likes to so nicely put it.

On the downside.. it’s cloudy and rainy.  And I’m on vacation.  Clouds aren’t allowed at the beach!!!! I want suuuuuuuuuun.

Tuesday’s workout:  5 mile run, 20 minutes arms

More of the same on Tuesday.  It was rainy and cloudy and gross outside…so I had a short run on the ol tready.   My Achilles tendons are both starting to hurt (or something in that general area of my legs), and I like to think it’s because the treadmill sucks ass, not because I’m actually hurt. 

So we’ve been here three days, and most of the time it’s looked like this:


And this:


Needless to say, it hasn’t been a beach-y vacation, but it’s been a relaxing one.  I’ve read two books, watched some movies, and relaxed… all while listening to the sound of the ocean waves.

It’s not my ideal beach vacay, but I’ll take it. 

Plus, I’ve gotten to spend a lot of quality time with my favorite person ever.   He’s gotten to see how big of a book nerd I actually am… so it all works out.

I’m hoping for two full days of sun before we head home Friday (thanks, work) so at the very least, I can look like I’ve gone somewhere outside of the Richmond area.

Here’s to sun.


What’s your favorite beach drink?


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One response to “Dear Rain, Go Away

  1. Missie

    I’m usually a beer drinker, but love a mojito or a margarita on “beachy” vacations. Sorry to see the weather hasn’t been ideal. What books did you read?

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