And I’m back.

Wednesday’s workout:  30 minutes on the elliptical, 1 mile run, arms

Thursday’s workout:  5 mile run, 10 minute bike

Friday’s workout:  none so far and none planned… Hi off day, I’ve missed you!

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Well, after five full days at the beach, it was time to come home.  Luckily, it was raining when we left so I didn’t feel so bad leaving early… although it rained all week so it would have been nice to see that pretty ol’ sun again.

Some unimpressive pics from vacation:

flash mob

We had lunch outside one afternoon (after the rain stopped), and this huge group suddenly showed up in matching t’s.  We were hoping for a flash mob, but no dice.  It looked like some weird adult scavenger hunt. With fanny packs.


Sunset from our balcony.  It seemed to clear up every evening around 8.   Perfect timing, if you ask me.


Me enjoying a second of the few hours of sun I got all week.  Also you can see the nice dark clouds in the background. 


Aaaaaaaaaaand somewhere on the drive home in rural NC, we saw lots of meth signs.  This was my favorite.  There was also one right across from the high school.  Someone needs to tell Walter White ASAP.


Ever seen a real flash mob?


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