Winner (whoops!) and Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday’s workout:  3 mile run, body pump class

I am tired.  Two days of work down, one million errands run, and gym time really takes it out of me.  I am pretty sure it was a win that I got to the gym at all….

In the craziness that has become ‘back to school’ week, I forgot to announce a winner for the PB2 Giveaway

Congratulations, Allison!!!  Email me your address at so I can send the awesome people at PB2  your info!


And, because I have nothing else to say today…

Happy Birthday Fave!  Thank you for loving me and laughing at my jokes and reading this silly blog occasionally.  Also thank you for taking shots for Derby… she wants to rub her dander all over everything because of it.  You are the best ever!

DSCN2082 DSCN2227      DSCN2718

Do you have any good stories for Wednesday?  Is it bad that I’m already in the habit of counting down for the weekend??


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