Back to school!!!

Summer is officially over in my book.  O-V-E-R. 

I start schooooooool today!!!  Specifically, I start FIRST GRADE today!

I’ve been teaching 7 years, and five of those were spent in 3rd/4th grade while two were spent teaching reading….so needless to say, I’m a tiny bit nervous about spending my days with eighteen little munchkins. 

As of last Thursday, my room was nearly complete. 

room 6

room 5

room 3

room 1

room 2

room 7XYZ get the shaft up there. 

Unfortunately, Friday, my list kept growing  and I moved things around and added more stuff and I’ve spent the last hour cutting out more lamination. 

But I think I’m ready, even if the room isn’t even close to being perfect. 

Wish me luck!

Any other teachers out there?   Advice for first graders?



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4 responses to “Back to school!!!

  1. Evie

    Your room looks so cute!! Have a good first day. Love Mom

  2. Kerry

    Your room looks great!! You will do fantastic today! They are going to love you so no worries there!!

  3. Laura

    I guess my only advice is that everything takes FORRREVERRRR. They are super cute and enthusiastic. Nothing beats first grade. Oh – and they make growth like CRAZY which is so fun to see.

    • Woah… you aren’t kidding about things taking FOR-EV-ER. I am learning that I need to explain everything onemilliontimes or else it’s just a crazy house. My kiddos are adorable…they still love school (most of them!) so that’s encouraging 🙂

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