I Made Up My Mind

Friday’s workout:  2 mile run, early morning body pump class.  I’m not sold on this Friday morning instructor… She’s perky and nice, but just isn’t my favorite.

Saturday workout:  7 mile run.  I felt amazing during this entire run, even though my butt muscles were sooooooooooore from all the squats I did on Friday.  My legs felt great, my lungs felt great, and it was one of those runs where I wish I had kept going. (30 miles total for the week)

Sunday’s workout: Terrible 4 mile run…not feeling it yesterday. 


Sooooooooooooooo you might have noticed I haven’t done any ‘long’ runs in a couple of weeks.  My last long run was 13.5 miles a couple of weeks ago.

After a lot of back and forth, I’ve decided that I’m not going to run the Outer Banks Marathon this fall.  It was a tough decision, but after starting school this week, I know it’s the right one. 

My heart just wasn’t in it, and if you’ve ever run a race, you know that when you’re not mentally prepared to train, it becomes something that you start disliking…a lot.  Being mentally prepared is equally (if not more) important than being physically prepared for a marathon. 

Last week I set out to do a 15 miler, and when I barely managed 7.5, I knew it was time to make a final decision.  Either train and run the race or don’t. 

I’m not.  I don’t want running to be something that I start dreading, and that’s where I felt  like it was going.  Plus, starting a new grade level (especially those little ones) is slightly overwhelming right now (the energy level is a 14, on a scale of 1-10), and I’m exhausted at the end of every day, so heading out for an 8 miler on a Monday and Wednesday doesn’t seem too realistic. 

I also love being able to do five 5-7 mile runs/week, and when I was training for the marathon, my legs were so exhausted that I was barely managing 4 runs and feeling good about them.  It’s nice to know my legs will still be fresh tomorrow, and although I’d love to push myself to do more, honestly, I just want to enjoy this fall and still be able to go on weekend trips, have a beer on Friday, and sleep in on Saturdays without having to worry about scheduling 3 hours to find time to run each weekend.  I have a lot more going on this fall than I did last fall, and don’t want to miss out on things again. 

I’m still going to run a few half marathons in the next few months, and I’m still going to *try* to keep a long run in the rotation each week, but right now I still love running and I want to keep loving running through the winter months. 

I’m going to re-evaluate in the spring and maybe try a spring or early summer race, but right now I’m going to focus on getting my half marathon time faster…which means the reintroduction of my silly speed runs.   I’m going to keep up with the body pump a couple of days per week (I feel so much stronger than I did a year ago), and I’m going to try and start cycling once a week again as well. 

So that’s that.  No OBX marathon this year, but a few  half marathons to look forward to…

Here’s to the second week of school.


What races do you have planned this fall?



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8 responses to “I Made Up My Mind

  1. I’ve got a half marathon next week, a 10k in three weeks, then want to do a mudrun!

  2. Kerry

    Congrats on making a decision 🙂

  3. Bummer! But I agree, if you’re heart isnt in it, its not worth it.
    I decided not to run OBX this year either even though I love love love that race.

    I’ve signed up for two races early next year but nothing for the fall. I want to enjoy running for a little bit 🙂

    Hope you have a great week at school!

  4. NADA!!!! Ive decided to take the year off, and I don’t give a damn lol! 🙂

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