Thursday’s workout:  3 mile run, 30 minutes on the elliptical, abs

Friday’s workout:  4.5 mile run… ended the week with 26 miles.  Less mileage than previous weeks but not terrible.


Friday night the fave and I headed up to DC for the JMU- West Virginia football game on Saturday afternoon. 

I love tailgating.  LOVE it.  Unfortunately there’s nothing to really tailgate for on a regular basis in Richmond… so if we have to drive hours to watch JMU get killed as an excuse to sit in a parking lot and drink beer, it’s happening.

The food


The Purple Drinkpurple drink

My first DUKES shirtduke shirt

Mr. Favegame

The actual gamefootball

People watching

wvu pants 

horse head

Such a fun day tailgating with friends, food, beers, and a horse head.   The game definitely wasn’t anything to write home about, but that was expected. 

Now, it’s off for another full week in first grade… plus, after taking 2 days off, it’s back to working out.  Sounds busy. 


What did you do this weekend? 


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