License Plate Wednesday

Tuesday’s workout:  A slow, second- counting 5 miles.  I honestly think I counted every second of this run.  I would start over every 30…. let’s just say it was pathetic.   My body was not feeling it and neither were my legs, and I found out that Guys with Kids isn’t as funny as you might think. 

So here are some license plates I’ve seen over the past month.  There’s something for everyone.

Here’s another for the cat lovers out there.

Sept.19,12 hot cat

There’s some for the sports fans, including all those Redskins fans.

sept.19,12 2fedex

Here’s one for the only Packers fan I know.

Sept.19,12 pkrfn21

And one for all my Indiana loving friends. 

Sept.19,12 hoosrs

There are a couple for people who like giving their cars funny little nicknames that really aren’t that funny.

Sept.19,12 icberg Sept.19,12 1edgy

Some that everyone should definitely stay away from…

Sept.19,12 Izombie

Sept.19,12 machete

And one just because I like it.

Sept.19,12 ohellno

That’s all for now.

Why oh why do I find these so amusing??



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