Three Things Thursday

Wednesday’s workout:  5 mile outdoor run… and although my legs were not feeling it at all (again), it was perfect outside running weather!  One of those perfect afternoons when you realize how lucky you are to run, even though it sometimes is not easy… 🙂


1.  There once was a little girl named Kathleen.  She had enormous brown crossed eyes and wore inch-thick glasses until she threw them away in 2nd grade.  (I’m actually sorry I don’t have a picture to show you to prove how large those glasses were.)

This is little Kathleen’s new best friend.

Sorry, Derby.  Spangles the cross-eyed, pirate loving cat has replaced you. 


2.  I love these kids.  I wish my kids would pop out with an English accent.


3.  Breaking news…

Lady Gaga wore another meat outfit.  (<—weird sentence to type)

Question:  Is it made of actual meat or does it just look like meat?

Question:  If it is made of actual meat, what happens when she walks by a dog, or jumps into the ocean?  Do sharks attack? 

Question:  Does it smell?


So many questions about Lady Gaga’s meat corset.   I need as many answers as possible.


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One response to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Evie

    I still have the glasses and I have pictures. Love Mom

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